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The Savior

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Through the years
and all the tears,
HE is always there.
Lighting your way,
helping you pray,
a Beacon through the pain you bear.
A guiding light,
you should not fight,
a Love beyond compare.
He’ll love you in spite,
of your perilous plight,
He is a one so rare…..
HE would die for you,
there’s nothing he would not do,
to keep you from the Devil’s lair.

This post was submitted by Ashlie Chandler.

HE is The BEST

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At the moment I reminisced all the pains I had from the past,
He came surprisingly to totally ease them.
At the moment I almost fall and was about to give up,
He came unexpectedly to comfort and lifts me up.
At the moment I felt I was at my very worst,
He came to tell me I can always have my best.
At the moment I doubted the people surrounding me,
He gave me the trust and made me feel free.
He presented me everything I wasn’t able to feel.
He showed me everything I wasn’t able to see.
He let me experience the things I wasn’t able to bear.
He always believes I can do it over my fears.
He is my companion all along my journey.
He is my guide and my strength all throughout.
He is the only One Whom I know has the power to build me up.
He is a BEST Friend.
And I am sure He will never abandon me.

This post was submitted by Marry Jhane R. Feliciano.

Thoughts of a Dying man

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As our thoughts are governed by that of the earth,
our spirit does nothing but suffer,
hearts hidden in death and deceit.
Our lips whispering that of his name,
Doing as of his desires.
We are held in his lies, calling him leader –
All our lives we listen to his sweet caressing words,
savoring each taste, longing for more.
We call upon him through lies hate lust and war.
Hardly, noticing the black within our chest,
Slowly eating;
He tempts us not more than our earthly bodies can bare,
promising us wealth glory and more.
So perfect these lies,
Our lives dissipated,
only our souls – aware
Hearts blinded, cheated, betrayed
our souls yearning, screaming, beating
for that which is our rightful King,
The light bringer,
the savior – from our sin.
The Messiah.

Do not be disordered,
tis not Lucifer –
He is not that which his name calls,
But simply a man who rose from the dead.
He by 3 is the rightful answer.

Only he is the one.

This post was submitted by Myrone Moyo.


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Gloryland you wait for me,
precious gift of eternity.
Silver and gold, I need none.
I am going to meet the Son.

I’m as ready as ready can be.
I’ve prayed without ceasing since I was thirteen.
I’ve stood on the Bible God’s Holy word.
It’s written in my heart.
God’s molded and purified it as pure gold.

The Lord is waiting no time to waste.
I’ll be leaving you all for this heavenly place.
Please don’t stand around and weep for me.
The Lord of Lords has set me free.

Gloryland you’re mine tonight.
I see you now and you are so bright.
A city meant as a gift from God.
Down it’s streets I finally trod,
to be with my faithful God.

This post was submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley.

Spiritual Life

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I watch the days go by.
I watch the days turn into weeks.
I watch the weeks turn into months.
I watch the months turn into years.
Then i watch the years turn into decades.
All those days,weeks,months, and years
I’ve loved you for what you are.
I’ve loved you for what you do.
I’ve loved you for loving me all those years.
But now i must leave you forever.
It is my time to go fly with the angels.
It is my time to go dance with the angels.
It is my time to stand by God and His son Jesus.
and say…
You will soon be with me here in the heavens.
with the angels.
with Jesus.
With God.

This post was submitted by Ismael.

Journey Into Madness

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My heart wrecked with sorrow
My pain ingrained deep
With my vision of tomorrow forgotten and asleep

A world of illusion
Where reality is so warped
A mirage of confusion
Where i chose not to walk

Instead i tread the path
Where others fear to go
Where GOD meets you there
Where I’d been once before

Where i strayed from my roots
And forgotten my dreams
Crossed over the river
And swam the lonely stream

I searched high and low
I walked through the valleys
I delved in the deep
And dismal dark alleys

Only to find loneliness
And empty sullen eyes
Living with pain
And so full of lies

Only to find hatred
Where only love should live
A world full of sin
Which only GOD could forgive

I saw through the shadows
I came through the rain
To merge with the darkness
The light once again

My hopes and my dreams
Subdued with remorse
My plans and my schemes
Brought me back to the source

From the torment of passion
To the Glory of Truth
I found GOD in the treasure
I found Loving proof

I played in the ocean
I glided through the sea
I crossed back over the river
Where I learned to be free

This post was submitted by Tracey Duffy.

Always There

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My God is always there for me
Through the ruff and tough
He keeps you going
And will not take a bluff
Listen to him now
He loves you very much
He is always there.

This post was submitted by Chris.

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