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The Refuge (A Sailboat)

DownUp +12

Rain may fall,
And wind may blow.
But when we call,
God will show us where to go,

He said to me, “Let’s sail right now,”
I had no life-jacket, not even a coat.
I politely asked Him, “But how?”
He answered, “In this little sailboat.”

I got right in and took the oars,
We went in circles around the bay.
We’d stop at a dock and I’d open a door
But would shut it quickly for it wasn’t the way.

I finally gave up and God raised His sail.
I looked ahead and saw a storm in command.
We trudged and swayed through the vicious gail,
But when I cried, He held my hand.

A ship approached with cannons and guns,
And they tossed down a wretched note.
They said to give up, and that they had won.
For all we had was a little sailboat.

All of a sudden, thunder rolled,
And I heard the scream of death.
For God, Himself had paid the toll,
When He sent His Son to breathe the final breath.

So He had won, and the sun did rise.
This tragedy that I wrote
Was now rewritten before my eyes,
And all He needed was a sailboat.

This post was submitted by Jennifer Rose.

Harbour of Hope

DownUp +14

I choked and I wretched
On my vomit of hate
But i surrendered to You
And You opened the gate

You sent me an angel
To show me Your love
To comfort and feed me
When I was hungry enough

In my travels and wanderings
You brought me home
In the lightning and thundering
You found me alone

My arms reached out wide
In trembling and awe
My pain left outside
You watched my love grow

Oh lighthouse to my lost and lonely boat
Oh harbor to my ship
You reached out to my burning hope
And now it’s You who I worship

This post was submitted by Tracey Duffy.

My Faith

DownUp +40

Unbroken, kept safe
my token, my faith
Not shaken, never stirred
Warm with love, never burned
Boundless journey, destiny saved
Free of heart break, void of pain
Seen a lot, loved even more
If birds can fly, then i can soar
Happy place, no regret
Take my joy, yeah i bet
Fame is cool, money’s nice
Jewels have tags, this has no price
Cant be bought, cant be sold
Always fresh, never old
You should try some, and have it clear
That faithful is he, who’s heart’s sincere.

This post was submitted by Corey Straughter.

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