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An Equal Chance

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Hurt…pain; its all the same
Dreadful nights that ends the same
Swelling cheeks from all the tears
hurting heart love ones not here
Really wish I had a equal chance
For better love and a guided hand!
Raised myself for quite some years.
With child at eighteen best gift from hiM!
For she makes smiles clear from tears.
I lay my soul for her to live;
A life I never had a chance to have
A mothers child, a comfort hand.
For I will give her a equal chance
Of worry free, and what a daughter should enhance.

This post was submitted by Brittany Campbell.

My Daughter

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You’ve had more than your share
Of challenges to bare,
So pretty and sweet with the strength to defeat
The demons that threaten your life.

Your light is so bright you delight
the poorest of souls through the darkest of night
As you weave your magic on waves of silk
And wings of gossamer gold.

An olde soul – born bold and sure,
A teacher of ancient wisdom and lore,
With words unique you give strength to the weak
And your courage is a mark for the meek.

You are destiny’s child, not wild,
With calming intent to smile,
And a head on your shoulders of someone much older,
You inspire the desire in those who aspire, to try and try again.

But take care and beware when you seek to find
An answer too quick to be true….
You can’t choose to die because Death chooses who,
And you cannot rearrange, or change,
What fate has in store for you.

You have much to give and you need to live
So the gift of your passion and good will you give
Means all that you do will ease the pain
Of the breathless and lost and sadly insane.

With compassion and care you give hope from despair
And your Mothering nature breathes relief from the grief
Of the struggle to survive in a world that is hard
For those that are born of a lesser god.

This post was submitted by Ingrid Fjastad.

“Oh, Daughter…”

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“Oh Daughter!”
Listen,my daughter
with all your heart,
lest you will come to poverty

Wisdom is a tree of life
to the few who embrace her
And knowledge-a life giving breathe to those who listen.
Be contented and satisfied
with what you have Daughter.
Dont be like the dust which blows
but with no destination.

My daughter,
when you see them playing let them play
For when you cry
they wont be crying,
Crocodile tears they may shade even if their hearts aren’t moved.
They may come every season yet to love you for a reason,
For a while-desciples they are
but tommorrow Judas may stand,
so put in them little or no trust for true friendship hardly exist.

Yes,to love you may deserve,
but do they?-oh Daughter!

Man lie till you lay on your back
And then … away they flee.
Never say yes when not sure
Or no because mother wish so,
dont say yes because father says so.
Be strong hearted my daughter.
Many are clever but not wise
so be wise,oh Daughter,
Some are wise and not intelligent
Yet knowledge is light
when the mind is bright

Do not desire to have anything, but pray for everything
Love not money
for it is not salvation
Fear God-the source of salvation
that you may live even after life!

“Deeds not words!”,my daughter!

This post was submitted by Hastings Tengende.

Mummy’s lost angel

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As i lay my head to sleep,
The thought of you i hold and keep,
Close in my heart, your special place,
I try and picture your small face,
You tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Your big eyes and button nose,
But all i hold are thoughts of you,
Your life was taken when you were too,
Small to notice either way,
Those butterflies, those words id say,
I love you my child and forever i will,
When i lost you the pain did kill,
It does not get easier as time goes by,
But i know you are safe now, up there in the sky,
With people that love you as much as i do,
That will tell you each day that i always will and i miss you too,
When i lost you, you were a butterfly in my tummy,
And now your apart of my soul as i am your mummy,
Il never forget you, you’ll always be a part of me,
And one day my sweet together we will be.

This post was submitted by Shannan.


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We met, we loved we made a child
We partied hard and she grew wild

We moved away she followed on
Sometimes we wished she’d been a son

The moods the moans the trials and tears
God help us through those teenage years

And now we’re back on English soil
Our darling daughter comes to call

For Christmas time and New Year too
How long we ask – a year a few.

This post was submitted by Elaine.


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A girl took birth
For life on earth.
Grows in fatherland to
move in alien land.
A girl is a Lamp
by soil of Father’s camp;

Potter’s lamp are of shade
sometimes Bright, Light and Fade.

Make her fully one day
Desire to light one’s way.
He garnish lamp with joyous
by vermilion, collyrium like colours.

Now day is come to give his lamp
He in a search of hand
ends when a lamp is send
A day is gone to keep HIS lamp.

I’m glad to be a daughter
or a LAMP of a POTTER.

This post was submitted by ADITI SHARMA.

Daddy’s Not Here

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Daddy’s not here and baby’s all grown
She has her a path to take
that she has to choose on her own.
Daddy’s absent except for a visit or a once in a while call.
Baby sometimes wishes he would just end it
once and for all.
Daddy got married and baby doesn’t like it,
She sometimes thinks it’s unfair
that she’s been in his life longer than her and their candle is no longer lit.
Daddy’s mad and baby’s sad
She doesn’t know what to do.
He always talks and she always listens. Her side of life is bad.
Daddy’s far away and baby doesn’t care.
Sometimes distance is best.
But sometimes she wishes daddy were there to scare away her nightmares.
Daddy’s tired and baby’s fed up.
He doesn’t know what she goes through.
The last time he was really there was when she drank from a sippy-cup.
Daddy’s sick and so is baby
but both for different reasons.
He’s blue and she wants out, maybe,
But Daddy’s not here and baby is grown.
She has to control her emotions.
So if all he can offer is a call from his phone
and manage a visit or two
She has to accept that he’s not there
and move on…
it’s only fair.

This post was submitted by Hannah Morris.

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