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Dad what happened?

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I want you back with me.
But you just had to leave.
I went trough so much pain.
and suffer.

When you left me I felt like it was because of me.
We lost our special bond that day.
And i wonder if you even careed for me.

Dad, listen to me.
I wanted you in my life,
not the pain and scars.
If you were here i wouldnt have these wounds,
upon my wrist.

So please Dad, just leave me.
Before i finish the dead.

This post was submitted by A.

Mirror Image Of Father

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I am mirror image of u father

Designed to your wish

Wrapped with your essence of generosity…….

Lost are those memories to me

which cannot be filled by you anymore

for distance between heaven and reality are miles

to be covered by any soul

But we have bridged the relation in the

Para normal world…..

You are the best in my dreams and my life….

even when u are missing your innocent soul stays

throughout my life guiding me right

You always stay alive in my heart

and Tears ….

This post was submitted by Alana Abraham .

Proud Of Me

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As soft winds sweep away the days
I look back on life through a haze.

Remember playgrounds, parks and friends,
In childlike gaze that never ends.

The laughter in a game of catch,
Shall memory ever attach…
To innocence in youthful eyes,
Catching the ball to Dad’s surprise.

I recall my first bike, first wreck,
Who picked me up, said, “What the heck?”
Convinced me to give one more try,
While, knees skinned, I forgot to cry.

Just the joy knowing he was there,
Making him proud my only care.

There was nothing I couldn’t do,
My heart held fast that to be true.

Though teenage years were kind of rough,
I sure wasn’t too big or tough.

You taught me to defend what’s right
And never back down from a fight.

So I learned the hard way to stand,
Still, with each lump, I found your hand.

Drawing from you an inner strength,
And stubborn pride of equal length.

But there the line of fate was drawn,
As though I blinked and you were gone.

I found myself facing the sun,
Not man, not boy, fatherless, one.

Eyes blinded by a void inside,
I could not live that you had died.

Alas finding it to be true,
I could do nothing without you.

Please, Dad, today just hear my call,
I’m sorry that I dropped the ball.

My life is wrecked, my knees are skinned,
My emotions undisciplined.

I can’t get up although I try,
Please don’t be upset if I cry.

Though I can’t fight what I can’t see,
Please, Dad, say you’re still proud of me.

This post was submitted by Shalan.

My Dad

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God has took the warmth of the sun,
Speed faster than gun,
Force stronger than gravitation,
Than he was able to make the relationship of father & son.
This is very strong relationship,
Co operating with each other in situation of hardship,
Loving each other from hearts deep,
Walking together on every slope and steep.
God has took the calmness of moon,
And decided to gift father as boon.
(dedicated to my dad………with love)

This post was submitted by KHUSHBOO.


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He is the epitome of courage,
Molded through hard work..
Years of perseverance, patience & diligence made him great!

Steel as he may seemed,
But, beneath that hard exterior lies a man of compassion..
That’s what my Father is!!

This post was submitted by athena destreza.

Can you hear me?

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Life has never been this complicated
Nor have times ever been this hard
Everyone has to make sacrifices
Most are hard

Life is full of mistakes
But that’s how we learn
Everyone makes them
It’s only a matter of time before the damage is done

We need not shield ourselves from the world
Hiding behind our pride
A simply conversation would put out that fire

You say I have an attitude
But you don’t even know why
It wouldn’t hurt to ask
Just give me the time of daylight

Turn the music down
And the TV off
Listen to me. Don’t you hear me calling?
I would love to just be closer to you!

We walk around like everything’s fine
Open your eyes DAD, and look into mine
I sit here all day trying to find the right words
Words that won’t offend you and make you explode
If you would just listen time and time again
I wouldn’t have to pour my feelings out through this pen

After you read this, I pray things change
I pray that you and I will see better days!

This post was submitted by BrittanyNoel.

Times gone

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Why did you have to go
Its just not the same when your not around
I would start to cry when your name comes to mind
It’s hard for me to think, breathe, or even talk
just knowing you’re not there when I’m awake
it takes sometime to heal
but, i will never forget all those times that we spent
not one memory goes by that i wish we could spend once more
we always played by our rules
and didn’t care who tried to take us down
it was impossible to break our bond
but, then it happened
and you were gone!
11-17-63 to 05-01-00 🙁

This post was submitted by Jaclyn Benko.

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