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I’ll be by your side

DownUp +54

There may be times when you’re feeling blue,
just to let you know, I’ll be there for you.
Through rain or shine or flood or drought,
I won’t let you down, you won’t have to doubt.
Whenever you need me to brighten your day,
I’ll be by your side to lighten your way.
You are my mate, my pal, my friend,
I’m just hoping we’ll be till the end.

This post was submitted by Gidget.


DownUp +17

You can have all the money needed to reach the sky,
but still a friend you cannot buy.
Friendship is a wealth shown in thought and expressions,
friends help you out of your deepest depressions.
Don’t ever use or neglect them and you’ll have them forever,
they’ll always be there through rough and smooth weather.
So go and you’ll soon see how many you can meet,
like the ones I’ve got, make me feel like the worlds at my feet.
To make my simplicity in the simplest form,
Just be yourself gentle and warm.

This post was submitted by Gidget.

The Garden Of Friendship

DownUp +30

A friend is like a butterfly,
who may come and go,
from flower to flower and tree to tree,
and then they finally go.

To find a friend like you,
though is very, very rare,
the friend who is the flower,
the friend who’s always there.

This post was submitted by Gidget.


DownUp +21

Friends are one who care for you, love you,
they are the one who share their secrets with you.

Friends are those who cry, when you are crying,
they laugh when you are laughing.

Sometimes they make you angry, sometimes they make you sad,
but don’t want you to get in trouble.

Friends are like diamonds,
who make you feel glow and happy.

They show us the right way,
they love us the most.

May God shower his blessings,
may they live long.

This post was submitted by sanam.


DownUp +9

I just can’t seem to stop thinkin ’bout you
Try too hard to not lose my cool
I know we’re friends, but I wanna be more
I can’t push you anymore.

I can’t help but feel this for you
Losing myself, cause I care for you
I want you, I know you think about two
But you want someone else who’s gonna hurt you
I can’t help but feel this for you
Losing myself, cause I care for you
I want love, already for me
But you want to keep me waiting.

I’m ready for this,
Cause I really wanna be with you
Don’t wanna scare you away
But I can’t help how I’m feeling
Cause I know it’s true,
I’m waiting on, you you
I’m waiting on, you you

Do you understand
I want you, I need you
Not one second goes by
Without you on my mind.

This post was submitted by B.


DownUp +12

Friends are people that are always around
Who keeps the inner circle round
When you’re down they lift your spirits off the ground
They know when you hurt, & try to mend your heart
Walk with you a mile, even when you fake a smile
Never shy to ask the reason why, look at you and see the sky
Laugh at your jokes, and cry when you cry
Always takes your side, whether it be wrong or right
So keep them near, not forgetting what they mean.
Because you might need one who needs you dear.

This post was submitted by Stacy Ann Charlie.

I will be at your side

DownUp +18

If you’ll face your fears,
i would be at your right.
I will dry your tears,
and be your knight.

If you need me now,
I will be at your side.
without telling me how,
I will still be your guide.

Now it’s dark outside,
I’ll give you the light.
to light your way,
and see me right.

This post was submitted by Nazeera Julkipli.

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