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Dearest Friends

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You are really my dearest friend
My inspiration and my angel
Lot of memories i’ll never forget
With you my friend i feel complete.

To all the things that we have shared
I learned a lot with you my friend
All the laugh and tears
I miss them all, i miss you friend.

Time that has passed will never back
But care and love is important
You’re not here all by my side
But you’re always be in my heart.

Thanks to the Lord for sending you
To our life as friend of you
You’re an angel and that is true
I love you friend, i’ll always do.

This post was submitted by Genalyn.

“Best Friend”

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A best friend memorizes the map to your heart
A best friend knows the good times can be hard
A best friend knows ur favorite song before you sing it
A best friend knows the way to your mind
A best friend can know you better than you know yourself
Does your “Best friend” qualify?
Mine does.

This post was submitted by JIF.


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Friends are hard to come by,
Friends are hard to choose.
A real good friendship never dies,
A good friend you will never loose.

Friends are not like Autumn leaves
you can find everywhere,
Friends are like Diamonds,
Very precious and Very rare.

This post was submitted by Leigh Smith Howell.

I Wont Let You Fall

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If the world stops spinning and you step off.
I’ll follow you out there, so you don’t get lost.
I’ll shine a light on the dark you see.
Give you the strength you so desperately need.

I know right now you see no light,
maybe you think things will never be right…?
But trust me, I’ll catch you, if you ever fall.
I’ll be your rock, just give me a call.
And when you feel the path ahead,
has no light and a faded edge,
turn around and look at me.

I’ll pick you up, hold you tight,
tell you it’s all gonna be alright.
I know you’ll say, ‘you’ve much to learn,
you’re just a kid’,
you’ll smile and turn.
But I’m not stupid, I understand,
just turn back round and take my hand.

I’ll be your hope, your strength, your courage.
As long as I’m here you’ve no need to worry,
When you met me, Lisa, you found a friend to smile,
laugh and cry with until the very end! 🙂

This post was submitted by Mel.

A true friend

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A true friend is someone to hold,
Young and old,
A true friend is always there,
Because they really care,
A true friend will say they love you,
That means they really do,
A true friend will hold your hand,
Forever and,
A true friend will be there until the end,
Now that’s a true friend.

This post was submitted by Anisten.

Friends Forever

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One of the hardest things in life,
is loosing the ones who care
especially the friends who said they always be there.
Next year we’ll be so far apart,
will you keep your promise? Still be close to my heart?
Everyother person who has walked into my life,
left without even telling me goodbye.
When i had a problem, you were always near.
But when we part, will you still be here?
All that I can do is hope,
that we’ll be friends forever till…who knows.

This post was submitted by Danielleee.

A Friend

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A friend is there through the pain
A friend understands why we cry in the rain
A friend can help when it seems like the end
A friend helps attack and defend
They always know just what to say
They never leave, even when you tell them to go away
They sit with you and cry
They explain to you why
You always listen and can tell when it’s the truth
You make me feel like I can rule the world
You tell me I am more than just another girl
We always laugh and smile and play
We can brighten up the darkest day
We are best friends and don’t forget
It’s not over yet.

This post was submitted by Michelle Pleasant.

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