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Puzzle Piece

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When you smile i smile
when you cry i cry
when you laugh i laugh
we are like puzzle pieces you & i
life would not be the same without you
i hope you feel the same
because that is what friendship
is all about
when you smile i smile
when you cry i cry
when you laugh i laugh.

This post was submitted by alyshia.

Shooting Stars

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If you,my friend were a shooting star
I’d catch you before you’d fall!
I’d take you home and dress you well
And care and feed you full!
I’d enjoy the pleasure of your warming glow
and listen your tales of thee,
Time you spent o way up high
glittering up in the sky!
Cos you my friend
are the best of friends
and I’ll miss you when you go
to wherever you belong!

This post was submitted by Lucy Elizabeth Mary Magee.

Tear Drops

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Everyday i see teardrops
in my eyes and in yours.
i feel the pain you feel.
step by step.
together we will
make through the hard times
me and you side by side.
we’ll make it through
this so called life.

This post was submitted by emily revel .

LAst Forever

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There is Not To Many People You Can

Call Your Friend But The Ones You Do You

Have Hold Them Close To Your Heart Cause

If Any Thing Ever Happened To Them

You Wouldn’t Know What You Would Do So You

Cherish The Moments You Get With Them

And Make Them Last Forever .

This post was submitted by Bonnie Arnold.


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Even though we are miles apart,
Friendship will always remain in our hearts

My life was full of ups and downs
Still accepted it with hopes and frowns

There were days when I went crazy
Eyes full of tears made the sight hazy

In the moments of sorrow I always thought
You as a TRUE FRIEND forever I lost

Compared my companion always with you
Cos such a sweet guy none other I knew

Thoughts to meet you always crossed my mind
Was sure somewhere my friend, I would find

Don’t expect to meet you at this point of time
When you are someone else’s and not mine

Try to cajole myself said these thoughts are futile
And will definitely accept you with a broad smile

It seems like years have gone so fast
Still feels together, just like in the past

Having you after years is a great pleasure
Now that I have you, I will always treasure

I want this relation to never end
Like I ever did, I need you as a TRUE FRIEND

This post was submitted by Ashwini.

Why We’re Best Friends

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We are not friends because we look the same
Or because we always think alike
We are not friends because our hair is the same length
Or because we share the same eyes

We are friends because when we met
And we touched one another’s heart
And since that special moment
There’s been nothing that could change
What two caring souls were able to start

Because we opened ourselves up to accept and receive
We were blessed with a beautiful friendship so few achieve

I am proud to call you my best friend

This post was submitted by Alice.

Best Friends

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Crazy days and screwed nights,,,
tons of crushes and stupid fights…..
secrets we’ll take to the grave,,,,
pictures we’ll forever save….
through thick and thin always true,,,,
Best Friends Forever me and you <3

This post was submitted by Ratika.

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