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Is that me,
that little pile?
All that’s left of a life?
A sudden blast
in a cardboard container,
discreetly, on the edge of town,
and gone
just like that?
Last word spoken, last breath
drawn, last laugh, last flash of anger?
No more hurt nor guilt
at weaknesses?
No. . . . . .

Tears suddenly
blown to the
wind over the crest of a hill
to where I was.
And all will be
as before me.
In memories
pain will fade,
worn by the rushing of years
until even memory is gone. . . .
and all is gone. . . .

This post was submitted by Bill Moen.

The story of our last goodbye

DownUp +10

He and I we waited, playing that old song
And then you left them there to weep, and with us you came along,
I took your hand in my hand, with your father by your side
we walked together slowly, but we never even cried,
we relished in those moments as we moved towards the sky.
But then the doors they opened and we stepped into the sun,
We had but seconds left before this life was over, done.
I said my last goodbye and you gave a little smile,
You told me not to worry it would only be awhile,
And with those words I knew that soon you would be back.
So I did not cry, instead I smiled, and waved my last goodbye,
I do not say goodbye no more, for you are not gone, you are standing next to me playing that old song.

This post was submitted by Keira.

Good bye aunty…

DownUp +26

It was always plain to see…
you made me happy through all of my life.
you were always there for me.
though having a stroke caused you great strife,

I miss you now more then ever,
most of all i miss your face.
its a shame i wasn’t there to help you get better..
if only some one was there to be on your case,
you’d be better now… better than ever..

I wanted to see you, to hold your hand,
but my plans never did work out quite right..
I will always miss how you would stand,
deep in thought below the stars at night.

I never got to see you,
never did say good-bye…
even though you know i wanted too…
forever bound by an eternal tie…

I love you now and forever.
I will never forget you…
for we shall soon be together…
while your waiting in heaven i will come look for you…

Now as my finale words,
I leave you with only four…
it’s time to move onwards…
good-bye one…. and I love you makes four…

This post was submitted by Rose M.

Our goodbyes

DownUp +29

I saw you up and happy.
jumping and having fun
but days turned in to weeks,
weeks into months,
and months into years.
as we watched you suffer we couldn’t
say “stay” and we couldn’t say “go”
as you looked up to the heavens
we knew.
we help your hand.
when you took your last breath
you flew…
that’s when we knew.
to say our goodbyes

This post was submitted by Amanda.

Times gone

DownUp +70

Why did you have to go
Its just not the same when your not around
I would start to cry when your name comes to mind
It’s hard for me to think, breathe, or even talk
just knowing you’re not there when I’m awake
it takes sometime to heal
but, i will never forget all those times that we spent
not one memory goes by that i wish we could spend once more
we always played by our rules
and didn’t care who tried to take us down
it was impossible to break our bond
but, then it happened
and you were gone!
11-17-63 to 05-01-00 🙁

This post was submitted by Jaclyn Benko.

I Remember

DownUp +9

‘I Remember’
Do you remember?
At that place
The big white one
That smelled of a hospital
But it had the smell of gardenias

Do you remember?
I do I remember.
The course rock under my hand
The water trickling down the moss covered stone.
The bright coloured fish & the frog that sounded so loud.

I remember the men wearing white in memory of you.

How I miss the years before.

How I miss you so much more.

“I just wish I didn’t have to!”

In memory of my brother.

This post was submitted by Chloe.


DownUp +24

Your life has come to a tragic end
Addictions and demons you no longer fend
Why you chose to leave at this time and place
Is something we will never know or have to face
Your battles are over they have come to rest
You were tempted once more but failed the test

You’re at peace now Shaun
With a brand new dawn
So no longer now shall I weep alone
We’re only separated by space, an unknown zone
I know that one day together we’ll be
Not just for a while, but all eternity

This post was submitted by Teresa.

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