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DownUp +3

I’m sitting in English with nothing on my mind,
writing a poem that has no rhyme.
It is not very brilliant but so far it’s good,
for it’s journal time in my neck of the woods.
If it was my choice, i would not write but,
I try with all my might.
So my poem is now done, I have work to do.
And now I’m saying goodbye to you.

This post was submitted by Sara .

During a Lecture…

DownUp 0

During d morning, attending a lecture,
Sitting on a bench, I look around,
I can see through d window pane d beautiful nature,
& in d class all types of various activities I found πŸ˜€

Some f d students r constantly gossiping,
While some r deeply involved in drawing a picture.
Some others r busy in chatting & texting,
Some r thinking of bunking d next lecture πŸ˜›

Some r reading interesting novels, -_-
While some r creating unique fashion designs..;)
Other r fantasizing about the world’s marvels,
Or practicing different types f signs.

Then there are some who are sincere but r very few,
Who r continuously taking notes n paying attention.
D class is full of students old and new,
While d teacher is writing on d board n giving some explanation :V

There r also those who r least interested,
Of whats going in d class or whose taking d lecture,
Sitting on d last benches, they r irritated,
Still some r sleeping peacefully ignoring d teacher πŸ˜€

Several r having fun singing n laughing,
By playing pranks n throwing paper-balls at each other πŸ˜‰
While few r singing songs in class n r disturbing,
Others r lost deep in thoughts f sum1 or d other πŸ˜›

All of a sudden d bell rings,
& i soon realize d class has cum 2 an end,
maybe due to student’s wish and god’s blessings
& I wish like this all lectures we could spend πŸ˜€

This post was submitted by Bhakti Prabhu.

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

DownUp +2

Oh, cheese, cheese, cheese
sitting up in the fridge
when can i eat you
for you I’ll fall from a bridge

Your not a fattening food
your not a too cheesie food
you just put me in the best mood

It’s not morning yet
it’s not breakfast yet
all i want is my cheesie pet

It is now morning
oh, how i am happy
oh, i just love the smell of you
my wings are coming out flappy

I must fly away with my cheese
i’m not gonna get into a fight
there is an eagle
i must take my flight

I dropped my cheese
oh, there it goes
it is now night again
my cheese is going home with a bunch of hoes

This post was submitted by Haleyy.

Brainy Got Mad

DownUp 0

By Writing,by reading
by studying,by keeping
Books in his hand
Brainy Got Mad

No sleeping,No Eating
Only Studying
Brainy Got Mad
Mother Always Told Him
“Be Careful Of What You Do
And Don’t Do Too Much Study
After All,It’ll Cause You Harm”
But He Pledged,
That He’ll Not Leave A Edge
As He Thought Books Are His Life
He Kept Reading Day & Night
After Some Time His Books Become The Enemies In His Life
His Brain Got Unstable,
Seems Like Their Was A Fatal In The Mind
Suffering From Stress Now Every time
Their Is No Word To Make A Rhyme
As The Brainy Person Has Become A Mad
Their’s No Need To Study
A Thought Arose In His Mind
But What To Do Now?
There’s Not A Choice
Keep Hold On Your Voice
Because The Brainy is now a mad..!!

This post was submitted by Vibhor Sharma .

Funny Poem

DownUp +2

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Monkeys like you should be in the zoo
Don’t worry you’ll find me there too
Not in the cage but laughing at you.

This post was submitted by chandradeep.

Completely Over

DownUp -1

Internals are near
Exams are not far
Marks are so peculiar
That eligibility is too far

So I’ll be sitting in the corner
Waiting for the examiner
To turnover
Now please help me dear
Tell me the answer
So I won’t reappear
And study one-more year
Again the same fucking chapter

But I don’t know why my friends do fear
From the fucking examiner
So I’ll be playing with the calculator
Till the internals are over
But still I manage to write the answer
Written in small piece of paper
Watching through a magnifier

My friends are so betrayer
That they disappear
In middle of writing the answer

Hey you sucker
Stay out of my border
I won’t depend on you forever

So it would be better
That I study on my own forever
And write my own answer

This situation is so familiar
But still I have no fear
And its completely clear
That I’ll be raising in the upcoming semester

This post was submitted by Prasad MV.

That’s True

DownUp +2

HE:i waiter so long for this
SHE:do u want me to leave.
SHE:do u love me..
HE:yes.i did …i am doing …..i will do………..
SHE:did u ever cheat me..
HE:i would rather die than do it..
SHE:will u kiss me….
HE:sure..thet’s my pleature..
SHE:will u hurt me……
HE:NO …way..i am not such aperson..
SHE:can i trust u….
SHE: oh darling….


This post was submitted by sri.

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