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God You Are My Everything

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In so many thing
And in every thing
Without u there’s no possibility
There’s no positivity
Always negativity
Thank God i found u
You are my every thing
You are my destiny
And this reality.

This post was submitted by James Jaly (Kambala).

As I go to school today

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As I go to school today,
I will lift up my voice and say,
God’s my leader, Gods’ my light,
with His love I’m gonna shine bright.
With compassion and kindness and a sweet gentle voice,
words that are gracious & uplifting my choice.
With your help i’ll help others and through this they’ll see,
the greatness of Jesus and through him all that we can be.
No matter what happens, or what people say,
With tender love i’ll quietly pray,
for their heart to soften, for the troubles they may face
and for them to find God’s amazing grace.
Now in Gods hands, i’ll continue to be,
a vessel of honour in which He can use me.

Gods shield will protect me, His Sword I hold,
At this with my faith I can be bold.
I know through Jesus i’m the head not the tail,
& No matter the battle, through Him I will prevail!

This post was submitted by Egg.

Who is God

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God is not blind.
He always saw your failures
And understand your pain…
He always gives you chances
Until you learn

God is not deaf.
He constantly hears when you weep,
And embrace your heartache through-
Courage and strength
He never fails to give you an opportunity,
To grow in love, faith and unity

God never sleeps.
He always saw your tears,
And grant your prayers
In his own time,
He waits for you to learn
to trust in Him.

God will never leave you-
Because He love everything
About You.

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.

I Know Where God Comes From

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Like the Son is called Light,
As the Sun shines so bright,
I know where God comes from.

As Darkness is called Night,
And the Moon bears his plight,
I know where God comes from.

Like the Stars shining bright,
In the midst of the night,
I know where God comes from.

In the fight for your Life,
Between Darkness and Light,
I know where God comes from.

Satan, Heaven, initial fight?
Creation, Darkness, preemptive strike.

Who, what, why, not when?
The strength of Darkness!
The strength to comprehend.

Calculating… pride, Satan falls into sin.
Misled by the power of Darkness,
And his ability to comprehend.

Is Darkness wrong or was he right,
Exerting his authority prior to God’s Light?

To dismantle the above by the power of His Word?
It’s like Satan casting out Satan, that’s what I heard.
I know where God comes from.

This post was submitted by Steven Williams.

A daily Prayer of Hope

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Thankyou dear Lord for your wonderful light
each day as I wake from such a dark night
You’ve given me life that I did not deserve
I grow wiser with age, it’s now you that I serve
Life is so short, and it’s end is not known
the truth of your word in me you have sewn
So when it’s my time and the end is at hand
and I know in your presence is where I’ll stand
I pray for your mercy for all my mistakes
as my body lies still, my soul you will take

This post was submitted by Matthew.

I Am Lost

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I’m lost and don’t know where to go
And God is just sitting there
Watching the show.

I’m tired, to tired to sleep
I want to close my eyes
But help I must seek.

I’m in pain… So much pain
That its driving me insane.

Everyone has gone
Seems like I’m thè only one..
All alone, with no body sitting on the thrown
Everyone has gone
Now I have no one to relie on..

I need help from God
But seems as if I’m just a fraud..

Now I will die
In my casket I shall lie.
No more pain, no more lies
No more terrible goodbeys..

This post was submitted by jUane Hattingh.

He Loves Us All

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God loves us all
even the thieves all through the mall
he loves the creatures
and everyones features
he even loves the ugliest of them all.
“Do not judge”
for your heart wont budge
and loving is what he wants us to do the most.

This post was submitted by logan dogan.

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