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Sunshine Through Shadows

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From where I am all hope seems lost
No help in sight, no lifeline tossed.
All night I sway on stormy waves
The land grows smaller, then fades away.
I take a breath and inhale the sea
Then relax my hands and sink beneath.
The light grows dim then fades from view.
A voice the whispers “I am here for you.”
A hand reaches down and grasps my arm
“I am here for you, be not alarmed.”
He picks me up and holds me tight
He calms the sea, rebukes the night.
No more alone, in danger or fear
I watch the land as it grows near.
He sets me on the sand
and takes my shaking hand.
“I am with you all the way,
Never will I let you stray.
Hold my hand, take my heart
From you I never will depart.”
I breath in deep the sea free air.
He smiles at me and fades my fear.
Step by step and hand in hand
My Savior and I walk across the sand.
Forever til eternity end,
I am with my Lord, my Savior
And very Best Friend.

This post was submitted by Deborah Leroux.

God is Great

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God is magnificent he’s
God will help you when life not
God put him first
God will see you through tough
God grace shall bring you
God will lead you from lost to
God will take sickness away he will
God his love is

This post was submitted by Marcus Williams.

Leave Worry for Prayer

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Whenever you hear bad news, you can pray –
To God, Who longs to make more than our day.
Leave worry for prayer to God – and find Rest:
And then… who can tell how many are blessed!

This post was submitted by Gabriel.

You need to know

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You need to know that God loves you,
You need to know that he cares,
You need to know he’ll help you out,
Because he is always there.

So now you know he’s there for you,
And you can be so very proud,
That you did have someone to talk to,
And he’s up there in the clouds.

This post was submitted by Debbie Bongiovanni.

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