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I Remember

DownUp -1

Last time we spoke
the silence still hadn’t been broken
we talked to each other with words unspoken
simply looked you in the eyes
still wondering why??
gave you back your hood
the one i just loved to wear
you gave me back the picture frame
that held that memory from our first date
to this day i sit alone in my room
wishing you’d call me boo
walking in the halls
or even down the street
i hear our song and makes me feel weak
the internal connection
that cause my heart to become inflicted
the emotional detachment that i have to make
and that one fatal memory
i have stored in my mind forever
all i can say is
I Remember…….
May 16, 2011 Monday 5:28 P.m.

This post was submitted by Crystal Gotay .


DownUp 0

I used to love you,
The way you curled my hair,
But now the feelings are gone,
and ‘i love you’
Turned into ‘i don’t care’
Yes i really did love you,
and my feelings were truly there,
but you drove me away,
You hurt me,
but there are no signs,
because no one can see how much my heart has cracked,
You can’t make me stay,
I’m not turning back,
If you had of done things differently,
Maybe there might have been a way,
If i had stayed with you,
would i have seen the sun again?
Things seemed so hopeless at this time,
It was like i was dragging my heals,
begging just to be found,
You knew our relationship had been slowly falling down,
Till one day we had slipped and hit the ground!
I’m sorry i have to say this,
But there is no way out,
and if i don’t jump now,
I’m afraid i will drown,
I loved you,
but now that’s just words,
something that has lost it’s meaning,
and had gone for worst,
so right now its best to just say goodbye, I’m leaving you now,
Live you life happily,
I just wasn’t your gal.

This post was submitted by Krystal Farrell.

My Mistake

DownUp -1

I can’t say i didn’t see it
I tried to pretend
Tried to hide
But i let my heart be my guide
Wrong move
I can say on my part
I should have stopped it from the very start
Now i sit here ready to part
Yea i finally said it
Wish i could say i feel better
But i can’t
What can i say?
This is where i stand
I can’t do this anymore
You’re suppose to be my man
We barely speak
Saying hello is our biggest peak
Our goodbyes are quick kisses
And short glances
I guess it’s good….
Under the circumstances
The crazy part is…..
I gave you me and learned to love you
I realize now,
I didn’t have to
I don’t want to
I have a choice
A choice to be happy
Yea I know we’re married
We all make mistakes
And this was one I made!!

This post was submitted by misskriss.

Our Goodbye

DownUp 0

All the screams,
all the lies,
circle me at night,
I lie awake unable to sleep.
The anger in your eyes haunt me.
Your bitterness will never fade.
I wished you a better life,
now I wish you’d just die.
the day we said goodbye wont go away,
the tears have came to stay.
God, take away this pain.
look around an find a knife.
Pick it up an start to cry harder then before.
slide it across my wrists with bitterness
I watch as the blood pours out of my skin.
blackness finally comes
this is our goodbye.

This post was submitted by tammy.


DownUp -2

As Time Passed..
Hugs Got Rare,
Calls got Quieter,
Nights Got Lonely,
Fights Became Usual,
Kisses Became Shorter,
Hellos Got Distant,
Good-Bye Got Frequent.

This post was submitted by Jasmine.


DownUp 0

When the first teardrop fell
So did my heart
It hit the floor
And shattered apart

I don’t blame you
No, not at all
You had too do what you had to
That’s all

I would’ve gone another way
Not the way you went
And wasted all of the time we spent
Laughing and hugging
No pushing or shoving

You made your choice
Stick with it
I won’t be here when you change your mind
Forget It

This is where I say goodbye
Now your free
Spread your wings….

This post was submitted by Teswin.

It’s Hard

DownUp -2

It’s hard to say goodbye,
when you’ve never had to try.
I cant push out emotions,
on to the surface, i cant focus.
It’s hard to say dont go,
because our time wont slow.
time is not a friend to me
and patience will not try for me.
It’s hard to say don’t leave,
when you would never say it to me.
i have to let you go,
but i cannot let you know.
i wont hold back you dreams,
that is too selfish of me,
we cheated time by loving life,
but now we must, pay the price.
its hard to say it’s me,
that made you have to leave,
it hurts more than hurts my pride,
it clings to me and
beats on a high.

This post was submitted by layla.

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