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My school life……….

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Once upon a time
a story of mine
i got ready for school
finding ways to make lame excuse
crying,yelling,nervous and frightened
teacher’s scolding made me threatened
sitting with others all around
wanted to go home but i was
days passed ,months passed,years passed fastly
i grew in the lap of dis school initially
full of dreams,desires and
teachers of dis school made
my inspiration
from nursery to 12 the studied here
departing from school is something ,i can’t bear
this school has made me
stand on my own
to earn my livings,follow the
path they have shown
the school where i was all alone
gradually became my second home
friends .classrooms and all
pranks played
studied for long hours in
the lamp shade
all those fights,all that fun
are gonna be sweet memories in the long run
every moment enjoyed
whether god or bad
leaving dis school makes all
us sad
may dis institution progress day and night
wish for its success and shall reach new heights
although school journey is
going to be an end
but gonna relish the
memorable time we have
leaving this school very sadly
but student of ‘SACRED HEART CONVENT SCHOOL’ can say very proudly…………..

This post was submitted by nitika verma.

Lost Us Forever

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One Day You Look For Us……Like We Did For Years…
One Day You Cry For Us……..Like We Did Every Day..
One Day You Really Love Us..Like We Did Every Minute..
One Day You Reach For Us….Like We Tried Every Second…


Forever You Lost Our Love……..Like You Lost Us…
Forever You Lost Our Feelings..Like You Never Had…
Forever You Lost Your Kids…….Like You Never Will Hold..
Forever You Banned Yourself…..Like You Did With Us….

Its To Late To Turn Back,The Damage Is Done,
The Hurt Is There.The Time Has Gone

Remember The Love Of Your Kids Was Pure..
You Trow It All Away Like You Never Cared
One Day you Remember This All,But The You Know….

Its To Late To Return,The Damage Is Done
The Dream Is Over,The Story Has End….


This post was submitted by Sandra.

Why Is It So Hard To Say Goodbye?

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Why are goodbyes,
So hard to say?
When we always leave,
When we never stay?

When we hide our tears,
And douse our fears?
When we open our hearts,
And open our ears?

When we mess up our hair,
And we sit down and stare?
It’s just so darn simple,
It’s the fact that we care.

This post was submitted by Christopher T. Stafford.

Inside My Head

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Not knowing why is the biggest problem.
Every time i think of you i want to break down and cry.

I want your arms around me.
I want to hear ‘i love you’.
i wish i could make you see.

How hard it was to say goodbye.
you were, and always will be my everything.
But i have no strength left to try.

So please take this as my last goodbye.

This post was submitted by Laurissa Giddings.


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Some has to bid goodbye,
To make you grow,
To have a new life…

Like a flower,
Who’s beauty fade,
A bud reborn…

Acceptance set us free,
From the prison cell of pain,
Of hearts maladies…

Only then,
You can be truly happy…..

This post was submitted by Bench.

A Letter to You

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The promise that i made to you I must now break .
I wish I did not have to, but it’s the risk I must take .
Reality is finally setting in, and it’s been awhile since I could honestly realize.
I guess we were always meant to say goodbye .
My want for you slowly fades as will today .
At times I get it confused with a need that sometimes I crave .
My love for you will never die, but I have no clue what tomorrow lies .
I just sit here hoping and praying that I will not cry .
So, I will continue to hold on to todays precious moments .
Hoping that they stay in the same place until we can find all our missing components .
I rather have some of you than none of you, even though I just rather just have all of you .
But I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible .
Thinking of you triggers me .
Knowing that things will never be complete .
And at times it bothers .
I no longer will speak merely because I am too weak .
The memories cant help but make me weak .
For some odd reason my heart can’t help but skip beats .
Hating you is hard but loving you is even harder .
It’ has been a long ride .
Emotionally we are both tired .
I couldn’t just walk away without looking at you once more .
Dazing into your eyes even though it’s still very much obscure .
Life is what you make it, it’s pretty much your choice .
You choose to listen and to hear my voice .
When I walk away I will not look back , because knowing how you feel is what made me atract .

This post was submitted by Monique Ferrell.


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was it all just a lie
was it just a simple game
please say no babe
dont bring me to shame

tears freeze on my cheek
your warm heart no more
every time i hear i sound
i dream of you at my door

it cant be the end
nor be goodbye
if i didn’t love you girl
do u think id have cried

though its not what i want
nor not what i need
why do you act like this
angry and controlled by greed.

a heart i don’t know
unfamiliar and strange
maybe might still be
at the coming of age

This post was submitted by Robbie Bennett.

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