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The Last Good-Bye

DownUp +33

My heart is sunk and moist is eye,
As nothing is more painful than the last good-bye.
These two words would change my life forever,
As a life without you, I thought never.

Remember that time together we spent,
Like a wind of joy that came and went.
Now we stand at the road’s end,
To choose our path and our lives to mend.

I hope that God will make up for this loss,
And maybe in future our roads will cross.
Till then I thank you for the moments we shared,
And for me, so much, you loved and cared.

Good-Bye to you, oh my soul beloved,
To the good old relationship that we both served.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.

One Day

DownUp +29

One day I will watch you walk away
as you wave goodbye

One day I’ll surrender you to her
the day you will leave me for her

One day I’ll watch her make you smile
and see her holding what used to be mine

One day you’ll share your dreams together
and you’ll belong to her forever

One day you’ll see me never
and I’ll be gone forever

One day I’ll realize that nothing makes sense anymore
for the one that I’m breathing for

One day will love someone else
and will leave me with goodbyes…

This post was submitted by jane.


DownUp +86

From the day I met you,
I felt everything was new
waking up each morning with a smile
taking away the pain that i feel for a while…
but love seems not to be fair
because you hurt me and give me a tear
how I wish I didn’t met you
how I wish I never loved you
for loving you just means “goodbye”
I must go on with my life
and forget the wound i have inside
for I know time will come that this pain will subside
saying goodbye would be the best I guess
setting you free is maybe your happiness
but always remember this…
though you hurt me so,
I’ll still always love you
but saying “Goodbye” would be the best thing to do..

This post was submitted by Famela Marie Baldosano Sayon.


DownUp +171

You were the key to my heart
you were the ray of light in the dark
you were everything I needed in life.

It was easy loving you
But it’s hard forgetting you
I don’t remember feeling this empty
Don’t remember you being so angry

I thought we were always going to be together
Thought we were meant to be forever
My heart has been locked once again
Locked into a box just like back then

I couldn’t breathe without you
Couldn’t move without you
Couldn’t see without you
Couldn’t fall asleep without dreaming of you

But it’s time for me to move on
I will no longer be your pawn
Because our love has died,
Just let me say,

This post was submitted by Sara.

I Wish

DownUp +21

I wish you needed me
Like I needed you
I wish you wanted me
And loved me too
I wish I could feel your grasp around me
And didn’t feel so ashame
I wish you could take away all the pain
I remember everything
Especially the memories good and bad
I wish these things would not make me so sad
Well I hope you move on and have a good life with her
I hope you notice I can compare for sure
Well now is my time to say good-bye forever
I love you always
I wish you would forget me never

This post was submitted by Cierra.


DownUp +15

Here I sit
In a seat that’s reserved
To take me to nowhere
Looking out the window
At the ground that’s growing smaller under me
Tears turn dry on my skin
Trying to hide my eyes
As I wave goodbye
to my heart
That’s staying behind

Crying …hiding… Struggling with my smiling…
Could this be heartache
That I’m denying?
Saying goodbye to the one
That made me feel like me
That I’m wanted
There where I want to be.

Saying goodbye to the one
That I hurt
Not even apologizing
Because my pride had just been cured
Feeling bad though
For what I’ve done
Still think it could have been different
Maybe you could have been THE ONE

This post was submitted by mari.

Some reason

DownUp +10

For some reason today..
I told you bye.
I don’t know why..
It just slipped out of my mouth,
I wanted to say so much other things.
But that’s all that came out.
I’m sorry.

This post was submitted by lexi.

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