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DownUp +7

The memories of you race
through my mind and i
chase them hoping they
never fade because many more
cannot be made.
I lost the one thing that made me feel
as if i had it made.
So in saying that I’m sorry for everything that
was not said.
I’m sorry for everything that got misread.
I’m sorry for not thinking that trust was a must,
or that love was enough!

This post was submitted by Rachel <3.

Time for me to go

DownUp +8

The time has come to say good bye
It’s very hard not to cry
The time we have left is very small
I will try hard to make them stall
I tried my hardest and they can see
That missing you is killing me
They say I can stay a little longer
Their words make me a tad bit stronger
That time we know still has to come
By now you know it’s almost done
That time is almost here
This time its very clear
I’m sorry but I have to say
That time has come and I can not stay
It is very hard not to cry
The time has come to say good bye…

This post was submitted by Niko Sottilaro.

Such a lie

DownUp +10

He made my heart fly
Seeing the world with an open eye
Regret losing any chance without try
and knowing who am I
A look from his eyes..
Made me know that I’ll never die
How could this hope dry ??
when he left without saying good bye
I’ve never thought that he has the boldness to deny
And all what we pass was such a lie.

This post was submitted by asma.

Good Bye!

DownUp +7

Don’t regret me when I’m gone,
Don’t forget me because I left,
I wasn’t all that you wanted,
I weren’t all that you had.

I know I’ll miss a lot of you,
But, I can’t bear to see,
All the chances I would give you,
That would be just up to me.

Saying “Good Bye” isn’t so easy,
Not that easy to me,
Looking at you….
Leaving is the hardest thing to do,
But, it’ll have to be.

I’m sorry I’m gone,
I’m sorry I left,
Saying “Good bye” isn’t the hardest,
As leaving the dreams that I had!

You and me,
Was centuries ago,
But, the dreams are now gone,
So “Good bye”,
So long!

This post was submitted by Valley Dowdy.

When a friend bids goodbye

DownUp +20

My dear friend,
close your eyes…
hold my hand,
and hear me whisper…

For the times I was lost,
You were there to look for me.
Will you believe me when I say I love you more than you’ll ever know.
Will you trust me when I say …this time you have to let me go.

My dear friend, I must leave.
The world no longer needs me.
It’s my time to be gone, until we meet again someday.
Don’t you cry now, I know I’ll be okay.
Trust that I’ll never forget you.
Don’t be sad now, just close your eyes until it’s through.
Hold my hand, don’t open your eyes yet…
wait when I no longer whisper..

My dear friend, you’ll be fine.
I’ll be up there watching over you.
For the times I’ll be gone, don’t ever forget
the words I whispered to you.

God calls on my name… and I have to let go of your hand now…
Please don’t cry… and smile for me..
because I’m with the one who made us friends.

Remember, I’ll always love you.
so come, wave me goodbye…
It’ll be painful but we have to…
Hug me, hug me tight…feel the words I can no longer say.

My dear friend, I’m going to miss you.
just pray.. because I’ll always listen.
and one day, when it’s your time,
I’ll be there for you…
Just like the way I used to.
…I love you

This post was submitted by kathrine Yee baraquia.

Say Goodbye

DownUp +1

Say Goodbye
To everybody and everything
To all your childish hopes and dreams
Say Goodbye
To all your friends and enemies
Be strong, but never forget
It’ll be o.k. even though you’ll be missed
Say Goodbye
To where you’re at now
And where you’re going to be
Because now you’re finally free
Close the window, but open the door
You’ll loose a lot of memories, but there will be plenty more….

This post was submitted by Sara Johnson.

Three Months

DownUp +19

I won’t forget the day you said goodbye
All I did was keep the tears back
Now living everyday a lie
Your love is something I just cant lack

Losing my best friend and my lover
Haunts me everyday I live
Scared that I wont ever find another
that’s just how my life is

Always thinking about you girl
Thinking that the time we had
Are all pointless memories in this world
Knowing that I wont ever have them back

Seeing your face everyday just makes my love deeper
Makes it harder to forget you
Every mountain that I climb will be steeper
Without your love to help guide me through

I don’t know what I can do
Its been three months
And I’m still in love with you.

This post was submitted by Jeff O\'Connor.

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