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Butterflies in tummy, as my name gets called
to stand on stage and receive my award,
i shake the Principal hand, as he tapped my back
everybody clapped as i walked to sit down
and all i see is smiling faces smiling at me.

This post was submitted by millie.

Those Final Days

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These are the days we’ve been waiting for forever.
These are the days that we thought would come never.
These are the days that we tried to rush by.
These are the days that will make us look back and sigh.
In those final days we’ll be full of remember whens.
Surrounded by all our love ones and friends.
Those final days of school,
Where us, the Senior Class ruled,
Will be for us especially.
Engraved inside our memories.
In our hearts they’ll keep.
Like timeless words on a sheet.

This post was submitted by Mezbeth Cobbletona.

Goodbye – Dedicated to my 8th Grade Class

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Our last time, our last day
Say goodbye, say hurray
“I’m gonna miss you”
“Keep in touch”
Those are the words we hear so much.

I hope we meet again someday,
I pray that all of you will be okay,
It may be hard to say goodbye,
Remembering all the good times

I’ll miss you so much,
Even if we weren’t that close
You’re still all my friends
And I’ll miss you all the most

Goodbye to all of you
I hope to see you soon
Don’t forget to smile
Every now and then,
All the way through
Until the end.

This post was submitted by Mia J..


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As graduation looms
I fear the worst
I fear loss, I fear to forget
For through the years latter
You were my stone on which I could count
The shoulder on which I knew I could pour
Out my heart and soul
Knowing you would never stray

You were a friend
You have now become more
People have come and gone
But you have remained
I’m not the easiest person to deal with
The best person to ask advice of
I try, I try to be the best friend
The un-related sister

I may stumble.
I slip every now and again
But know, as we increase distance
and decrease time
I will forever remember
My best friend
I will forever cherish the times spent
I will stand here as long as you need

You are more than a friend
More than an acquaintance through four years
You are my sister
Part of my family
I only hope I am a part of yours

This post was submitted by Sara.


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When you remember the old times,
and you cry at nights…

When you miss your school days,
those laughs n those fights…

First thing that hits you in mind,
Is that you will turn back time…

Just live those moments again,
and everything will be fine…

but the next thought that hits you,
is that everything is a mess…

You just cant make it happen again,
and you feel so HELPLESS

This post was submitted by Namit Hans.

8th grade graduation

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Today on June 11th of 2008,
Are you feeling good? Because Im feeling Great.

Words cannot explain how overjoyed I am,
No more books, or homework or knowledge to cram.

No need to cry or to be sad there is no need to worry,
Because in a few more months were back in school, so im not in a hurry.

These four years have gone by so fast,
but the memories and friends will forever last.

I’ll never forget the friends I’ve made,
as I exit the Eighth Grade.

So far eight years of education,
have prepared me for High School Situations.

As I exit middle school I’ll leave with no regrets,
Because the class of 2008 Is the best, So when I enter High School I will Be set,
and this Experience I wont forget.

Im ready for anything that comes my way,
If it wasn’t for my teachers I would not be who I am today.

So Thank you Mrs. Hall for keeping me on the ball, Standing tall,
Not letting me fall, and I appreciate it all.

This post was submitted by Jasmine Diaz.

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