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Farewell my darling nan

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There is a space, a special place
Within my life for you
Now you’re gone, you’re gone forever
What on earth am I to do.

How I loathed to see you suffer
Uncomplaining to the last
I wasn’t there to hold your hand
As from this life you passed.

My darling nan, how much I miss you
Sick at heart and feeling low
Now my teardrops splash the paper
As my grief begins to flow.

Yet for me life must go on
Though it takes a little while
I’ll shed my tears in private
But show the world a smile.

You’ll be forever in my heart
We shared both joy and sorrow
Sadly though, my darling nan
For you there’s no tomorrow.

I’ll live my life full to the brim
and hope that it will show
The good things that you taught me
You’d want me to, I know.

This post was submitted by Coral Fallon.

She wil be missed

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She was so full of life
So innocent and sweet
Life loved her in it
And we loved her being apart of us

She could make anyone smile
Even if it was a bad day
No matter how hurt they were
She could kiss the tears away

Nothing could ever stop her
Nothing to make her fall
She was ready for anything
Ready to take it all

But God needed our angel
So from this world she left
But she took a piece of all of us
Our hearts is what she kept

Her chair is now empty
And its hard not to see her face
But please remember this
No one will ever take her place

No place will feel the same
Our hearts will be empty
Without her love, but we know
Shes in heaven watching from above

We never saw this coming
Hitting us by surprise
And when she left this world
A piece of us died

Her smile brighten our day
No matter what we were going through
And we know everyday for the
Rest of our lives
She will be missed .

This post was submitted by Emily.

My Nana

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My Nana’s like the sunshine,
She has a heart of gold,
She’s loving and caring beyond the depths,
She proves she’s never too old.

Her wisdom is her strength,
The strength within us all,
Her voice is very meaningful,
Each and every time I call.

The things that my Nana’s been through,
Makes me want to cry,
I hope I can be as strong as her,
When it’s time to say good-bye.

This post was submitted by Aubrey Sanda.

My Nan

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The doctor saw my Nan today
And he made it clear
There’s no improvement, none at all
Does Nan even know I’m here?

As I sit close by her bed
Her eyes stare into space
Like windows with the curtains drawn
And pain shows in her face.

Some time ago when I was small
My Nan looked after me
A cuddle and elastoplast
When I had grazed my knee.

I really took so much for granted
My Nan for me was always there
Does she know how much I love her
Does she know how much I care.

She looks so tiny and so frail
When will the hurting cease
And so I pray both night and day
That she will soon find peace.

This post was submitted by Coral Fallon.

She Is In Heaven

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I look up into the sky at night
I wonder if she’s looking down
Would she be proud of who I’ve become?
She was my rock when I was soft
My cradle when I needed to be rocked
She would never leave me
Not on purpose anyways
But I lost her the day after Valentines Day
All because of cancer
They could’ve tried harder
To make her get better faster
They could have done anything
To prevent this pain to my family
But she’s ok and not in pain now
She’s up in Heaven
With God by her side
And now my thoughts about her
Are what keep me alive.

This post was submitted by Tissa Hypknezy.

Mom is to become 50

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It’s nifty
to become 50.
Your family will be holding
a party in your name.
There will be all
kinds of cake, candy
and drinks.
Please come early and
for Heavens sake don’t forget
your teeth.

This post was submitted by Frank HOulihan.

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