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The Helpful One

DownUp +2

Jaded and lost,
To a world so ungrateful,
A world does not recognize,
But one soul.

To give generously,
And never to receive,
Never asking,
Never judging.

Carrying this disgusting greedy world,
Upon your brittle shoulders.
Slowing breaking down,
But keeping spirits high.

Do not give up,
Keep on giving.
Only to one day,
Receive the greatness of appreciation.

This post was submitted by Serena de Delley.

Make a Wish

DownUp -1

When daytime turns to night…
When the moon shines bright…
You will see the sparkling stars…
And the night sky would glow…

Make a wish and make your dreams…
It’s the beginning of your life…
With a miracle…
You will reach the highest star of you want to be…

So, swim across the ocean blue…
Fly rocket to the moon…
You can change your life..
Or you can change the world..
Take a change, life is yours to live…

Do your best and hold miracle…
We as your friend will help you too…
Make a wish it’s up to you…
Find the strength inside…
And watch you dream come true….

You don’t need a shooting star…
The miracle’s there in your heart…
Close your eyes and make a wish…
Make a wish on the heaven…

The stars will send you in the right direction…
As long as you believe…
You will watch your wishes coming true…

This post was submitted by Jonathan Chandranegara.

Hope Is The Answer

DownUp 0

Man is an employee
Working and sweating every single day
Doesn’t have much money
Still he’s got bills to pay

He questions the master
And has a long wait for his reply
Just when He’s going to give up
Comes the revelation
That hope is the answer
When all else fades away

Woman is a mother
She’s got a lot of mouths to feed
Feels like a martyr
Frustration is what she bleeds

So many disappointments
Yet her faith it keeps her strong
Kids need someone to look up to
In times of desperation
Hope is the answer

So much suffering and heartache
Bourne upon this worldly plain
So many caught up in it
That can’t see beyond their pain

Cries the Wisdom of the ages
All wounds are healed in time
Like a beacon to the future
Shines the inspiration
That Hope is the answer.

This post was submitted by Evan Lee lovefire.


DownUp +2

Sometimes i feel like dying
but can’t stop living for they
say I mean the WORLD.

sometimes i feel like crying
but keep on smiling for they
say I am the HOPE.

sometimes i feel i am breaking
but still stand strong for they
say I am the STRENGTH.

sometimes i believe
there will come a day
a day that takes all my
worries and pain away
a day when laughter surrounds me
and everyone laughs along with me.

This post was submitted by jaya.

Day And Sunlight

DownUp +1

When the sun falls
It leaves a pink dust horizon
When the moon rises
The darkness falls
Little light shine in the sky
Every thing falls asleep
But not the ocean or the wind
They gust against each other
With no anger but love
A bigger light comes into sight
It is our moon
It shines over the water with perfect
Circle and leaves a path of sparkles
Its quiet no one speaks
Only wind whispers quietly
Now the sun rises with perfect
Pink line across the sky
And little breeze
The moon, ocean and the wind
Go to sleep
As we wake up
To go to work and school!

This post was submitted by Lesya Fillatti.


DownUp +1

Dreams I seek are like reaching a mountains peek.
Climbing hills and valleys every week.
Striving for the promise land I seek.
Everlasting dreams floating in my head,
The thought of sitting at the table with Christ and breaking bread.
A lot of thoughts and aspirations,
dreams of paradise an everlasting vacation.
I dream in my sleep, reliving a fantasy,
the unwritten vision that lies dormant in my head.
Dream before it happens, déjà vu,
given a clue, about the future but yet, I’m still clueless.
Random dreams, random thoughts, brought by one who was by his peers torn,
The one who is unto a virgin, Born.
Christ like dreams, devilish dreams all in a mix
I wish it was as easy as eating a Twix.
Never forgetting my dreams
Remembering my past.
Hoping one day I reach the kingdom
Hearing the angels say “At last”
A Beautiful Dream!

This post was submitted by Dalen Smith.

I always hope

DownUp +1

How does my heart feel this way
Its like I am trapped and have nothing to say
I see him in the hall with that girl
Its like my heads gonna spin and twirl
He has moved on and forgotten me
But I have not, why can’t he just see
I always hope we’ll get back together
Because that make would my life as light as a feather.

This post was submitted by Razzle.

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