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If I Were A Bird…

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Staring outside the window,
Gazing at the wonderful sky,
I was just wondering
How did the birds fly?

After thinking for sometime,
A thought crept into my mind.
What if I were a bird
Will I be rude or rather be kind?

I will have colourful wings
With the help of which I will fly high.
I will be successful,
In everything I try.

Over the hills, crossing the sea,
And on top of the trees,
Everywhere I can go,
Without paying any fees.

Away from the computers and video-games,
With no studies, homework and examination.
I would live my life as I want
Life would be free from all tension.

But then suddenly I realized
That this was just my imagination,
And all this can happen
Only if I were a bird…

This post was submitted by Bhakti Prabhu.

Don’t Cry For What Is Not

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Don’t cry for what is not
Be happy for what you have got
You always aspire for what is unachievable
Thinking one day you may get it
Desiring one day you may find it
Hoping one day you may achieve it,
Let’s not cry for what is not
Be satisfied for what you have got
You always dream for what is unattainable
Thinking one day your dream may come true
Desiring one day your dream may be a reality
Hoping one day you may attain it.

Be happy for what you have got
But don’t stop and don’t cry
You can better try and try
Plan out things and strive for it
Keep your target always before you
Tread towards your target slowly but steadily,
Be happy for what you have got
But don’t be sad for what is lost
Don’t get dishearten for your lot
Row your boat till it comes to shore
Go with your efforts till it comes to success
Toil hard till the end of your strength.

Because the real happiness lies
Not in achieving the target
But in striving for it
Once it is done successfully
The result is inevitable and unstoppable.

This post was submitted by jyotipatil.

The One…

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I want the one,,
to whom i can devote my life
with whom i can sit and talk for hours
the one, who can always stand by my side
i want the one that will walk miles to see me for just a sight
for whom nothing is more precious than my smile
the one who can never let me go,
the one who walks by me, even if i walk slow.
until i can have him
i will wait patiently and live my life until then…

This post was submitted by Hannah Wilkey.

My Dream Girl

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Every time you look away
I always fume myself to say
“that girl, right there she’s going
to be mine someday.”
time stops every thing freezes
every time I look at her my
imagination breaks to pieces
I’m sorry for all the things I
I’m sorry for all the things I
I regret for being a jerk
and I’m sorry for being a
give me one more chance
because every time you leave my sight
it hurts so bad I need to cry
People say I let you slip through my fingers
my heart been stung by a thousand
bee’s stingers
I lay in my room thinking of
what could of been but I think
now I I need to understand
every thing happens for a reason.

This post was submitted by Chris Hernandez Jr..

Talent of Robert

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Oh where is the artistry; where is the melody
To further enhance a poem of delight?
My son is the one, and with skilful endeavour
He could prove his ability tonight.

After painting a country lane picture
And playing sweet rhythm on his magic guitar
Poetical phrases could float through the air
Beautiful memories would be ours to share.

This post was submitted by Joyce Hemsley.

Lost Piece

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As the day passes by so fast
Longing for somebody whose care could last
Is the least I could wished for
Though I already knew it was impossible.

Why somebody came unexpectedly?
Created a big question mark before he leaves easily
Am I played by my destiny?
Or I used to let destiny fooled me?

Everything happens for a reason
But why I can’t help to ask those foolish questions?
It really bothers me every time it lingers in my mind
That’s why I really need to do things that could make me unwind.

But how could I escape from this nowhere?
Wherever I looked I could see question marks everywhere
Should I blame all the faults to my destiny?
Or something wrong is just within me?

Acting so damn weird is one of a kind
There’s no such word as “crazy” that could ever defined
Somebody who let their self act this way is out of their mind
And I am considered to be one ‘coz my heart made me blind.

Am I blind because I couldn’t see the truth clearer?
Or is it because I let those false promises entered?
This heart of mine who doesn’t accept failures
And still hold on with those promises that somebody assures.

But what if promises are really made to be broken?
Do I need to keep on holding?
Or time to let go with this feeling?
And let this broken heart mend once again.

But hey! No more but’s and what if’s
I hear somebody whisper that I should kept his promise
Shouldn’t be afraid and keep holding on
Because no matter what happen in his heart I’ll be the only one
For I knew from the start
He’s the “LOST PIECE” that could only puzzle my HEART…

-zai2 ’59-

This post was submitted by zai2 59.

I Shall Prosper

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When life seems unfair
Know that
I shall prosper
When doors shuts on my face,God is opening another
And that when I shall prosper
When my heart is heavy of pain
I shall prosper
Windy,cloudy moments
I shall prosper
When friends fail
I shall prosper
When tears of sorrow fills my eyes
I shall prosper
When I get learn wrong things in life,that’s when I stand,dust myself and prosper.

This post was submitted by Pabi.

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