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If when you awake in the morning
And the pain is still so great
You don’t even want to get out of bed
And face this evil world filled of hate
When it feels like everything in life goes wrong
And nothing you do is ever good enough or right
All you want to do is give up on it all
Just try harder and you will eventually see the light
You must strive to achieve greatness
To show everyone that you will win
Remembering every person who has put you down
And tries constantly to fill your would with pain
For every disappointment and times you’ve been let down
There will always be better moments and life will turn around
Everyone goes thru heartache and even feels pain
But only those who have true courage get up to try Again.

This post was submitted by megan.


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Lay it on the line…
Don’t you think it’s time;
Move that pen ….
write deep from within;
the poets in there….
write from despair….
Only you know how your feeling…..
write its unreavling.

This post was submitted by Rebecca Wentland.

Thanks To You

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I have tears in my eyes.
I have pain in my heart.
I have sorrow in my soul.
I have feelings that you didn’t care to destroy.
But am still here, just waiting for whats next.
I have faith that you’ll feel sorry for what you’ve done.
But I don’t wish you something bad to happen to you.

Because I know that am a better person and can do better than you.

I just wish you that you have a happy ending,

because I know that I will.

Because you’ve made me stronger and for that,

I thank you.

This post was submitted by yari.

God Gift Life

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God had gifted this life,
Beautiful as flower,sharpen as knife
Thankful to him, to show us light,
Work hard to make it bright.

Its not easy to get human life
You are the hero of this site
Be confident,be brave
Don’t let you weak,otherwise
You will be slave.

Think positive, b stronger
Your happiness will grow little longer
Life is yours make or break
Think hardly where to take

Two ways in life, good or bad
Choose the right,your future will glad
If you tried, hope for the best
If you loose, then concentrate on the rest
Don’t be sad, always b glad
Fight those thrones which make you sad…

This post was submitted by bhanu dadwal.


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Faith gives us breathe,

It gives us strength.

Faith has power to change,

A beast to a God.

It has power to change,

A beggar to a Lord.

It enriches one’s wind.

One reaches the depth,

Believing in faith.

This post was submitted by Indu Singh.

Goat Finding Note

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Once upon a time a goat,
Found a note,
She decided to buy a coat,
So, she went to a shop.
The shopkeeper said: No Coat;
For goat.
The goat went to another shop
But there also, same answer ,she got.
Now the goat realized that
there is no shop,
which can give her coat.
She threw that note,
which sail on a boat.
So it’s clear that
Money doesn’t matters for any birds, dogs or goat.
It is only the humans,
Who live for the note.

This post was submitted by Nishkarsh.

I Will Find A Way

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I will find a way,
To start fighting my fears.
I won’t go astray,
I will not end in tears!

I will find a way,
To not suffer the great pain.
I will not decay,
Or else this was all in vain.

I will find a way,
To be with your great smile forever.
Until our last day,
I will never forget, no never.

I will find a way,
To always be your greatest friend.
I won’t go away,
I will stick with you till the end.

This post was submitted by Alexander Breugelmans.

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