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Lost Piece

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As the day passes by so fast
Longing for somebody whose care could last
Is the least I could wished for
Though I already knew it was impossible.

Why somebody came unexpectedly?
Created a big question mark before he leaves easily
Am I played by my destiny?
Or I used to let destiny fooled me?

Everything happens for a reason
But why I can’t help to ask those foolish questions?
It really bothers me every time it lingers in my mind
That’s why I really need to do things that could make me unwind.

But how could I escape from this nowhere?
Wherever I looked I could see question marks everywhere
Should I blame all the faults to my destiny?
Or something wrong is just within me?

Acting so damn weird is one of a kind
There’s no such word as “crazy” that could ever defined
Somebody who let their self act this way is out of their mind
And I am considered to be one ‘coz my heart made me blind.

Am I blind because I couldn’t see the truth clearer?
Or is it because I let those false promises entered?
This heart of mine who doesn’t accept failures
And still hold on with those promises that somebody assures.

But what if promises are really made to be broken?
Do I need to keep on holding?
Or time to let go with this feeling?
And let this broken heart mend once again.

But hey! No more but’s and what if’s
I hear somebody whisper that I should kept his promise
Shouldn’t be afraid and keep holding on
Because no matter what happen in his heart I’ll be the only one
For I knew from the start
He’s the “LOST PIECE” that could only puzzle my HEART…

-zai2 ’59-

This post was submitted by zai2 59.

You can do it

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We can see that you’re not happy,
We can see that you’re confused and sad,
We can see that you’re not the same kirah,
That we all once had.

What you’re doing is wrong
What you’re doing is bad,
We miss the old kirah,
And we want her back.

There is a monster deep inside,
Trying to beat you,
But you’ve got to be strong,
You have to break through.

I wish you could have seen the beauty,
That everyone else saw,
God made you in his image,
Which means you’re perfect,
The way you are.

Hunger is definitely not just a feeling,
Thinness is definitely not a skill,
You may not believe this now,
But in time you will.

One day you’ll look in the mirror
And accept what you see
You’ll stop looking at everyone else
And thinking that’s the way to be.

I know I’m not perfect,
I have a long way to go,
I really don’t care what they think of me
Because I’m not for show.

You should think the same,
Because there’s so much more to you,
You have the strength to control
Everything you do.

No one can make you get better,
Kirah, you have to want to,
You have to accept yourself,
And stop doing, what you do.

So much has already been damaged,
So much has already gone wrong,
You’ve found the road to recovery,
And it’s very long.

You have to believe in yourself,
You have to know you can do this,
You can’t give up,
I know you can do it.

This post was submitted by renZ.

Have Strength

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Be strong in these difficult times,
Have faith to make things right,
Believe that you can make a change,
And if you must then fight.

Strength can get you through anything,
Along with praying each and every day,
God knows what you are going through,
So why not do it today.

Now rise up and take a stand,
And when you do you will see,
That you always had it in yourself,
And now you are finally free.

This post was submitted by Debbie Bongiovanni.

Winter in the city

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Look! The snows fall all around
See how they hide the cold, dead ground,
But what will cover up our hurt,
And rid our hearts of frozen dirt?

With secrets, lies, and masks we’ll hide
The truth, our fears, ourselves inside,
We’ll walk about as someone else,
Cuz we’re not good enough ourselves.

We’re all to fat, too dumb, too smart,
We’re bad at sports or we suck at art,
We’re all too shy or we’re not that funny,
We’re all too poor or we’ve too much money.

So we must bury who we are
Behind some celebrity or star,
We’ll hurt the weak to show we’re strong,
We betray our friends just to belong.

But by all this, will we find,
Happiness or peace of mind?
And if, we know, we hide ourselves,
Can we then trust no one else?

What drives us to seek power and fame,
And to bring glory to our name?
When what is our greatest good,
But to be loved and understood?

So today, I make my stand,
why don’t you take my hand
I am no more, I am no less.
I am cursed, and I am bleat.

So hurt me if you’re feeling weak.
Cheat me if your future’s bleak,
Brag if you’re not all that great.
Insult me if you’re overweight.

I really, truly hope you do,
I’ve such pity in my heart for you.
I’ve made peace with who I am,
But you are like a frightened lamb.

Why do you seek such fleeting things,
And act as gods and golden kings,
For all things in this world will pass,
Only truth and love will last.

So be a fool if you will,
And your own soul go beat and kill.
Though I hope that you’d be free,
And simple, a happy you, you’d be.

And may the sun soon melt this snow,
And reveal the muddy earth below.
May it warmly shine and glow,
And cause the earth to bloom and grow.

And may I be your shinning sun,
And melt your masks one by one.
May I free you from your cell,
And may your life go very well.

This post was submitted by Isabelle.


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There are two roads:
one in space and another on my way;
I carry with me a tree on my back,
I am mad
but I don’t crack;
my laughter is full of tears,
or maybe I be lost on verge
of my lost years;

I am smoke from a tree
coming down to be a haven soul
blessed with the holy stone,
I shine like the eastern star;
imprisoned in the belly of her,
my grey hand shall heal my soul.
Alone with the mountain and the snow,
Don’t forget to read the signs of a comet,
for ages opens closets,
secrets are spelt bit by bit;
Nests are built for the tail;
Failure reveal looted ego,
foreign strength to eat with the joy
of the struggle.
Leap and learn,
kings are beings
and the creator is a word,
a very, very silent word
spoken in green water
and I am lost to the end.
My lord is my strength.
He let me work nice in mirrors of rust.

This post was submitted by Salamu Bakili.

The Rainbow

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A ray of sunshine,
A ray of warmth,
Squeezing through
The last of the night.
A drop of water,
A drop of life,
A drop of forever
Glimmering in the light.
Alone, meaningless
Without each other, simple.
One spring morning
They would unite.

On the fern, sparkling,
Or up in the great blue sky,
Anywhere where two can meet
Is where souls can make to fly,
In a moment,
A single second’s time,
As they reach closer to each other,
They both, in their own way, shine.
The light of hope and peace and love
Together they shall reach
Out into the distance,
Freedom flowing into each.

Somewhere in the clouds above,
The gods smile down upon them.
Happiness and joy aloft,
Spread over the land when,
The rainbow forms.

This post was submitted by Anna.

Be Optimistic

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Be optimistic in your life,
Believe that things will go your way,
And if you need a little help,
Take some time and pray.

You need to have positive thoughts,
The negative needs to leave,
And if you think long enough,
You truly will believe.

So you did think good thoughts,
And being optimistic made things right,
And it was all because,
You saw the light.

This post was submitted by Debbie.

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