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When the Poetry Met the Song Writer

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I remember the day you first smiled at me
That’s one of the most beautiful smile I see
‘Coz from that time I looked into your eyes, I found serenity
You always make me proud for the friendship you shared with me…

I remember the day I first tell you I can write poems
I told it to you ‘coz you’re too shy about your songs
I told you not to worry about the people may tell you
‘Coz not all has the ability to do the things you can do…

In you I owed the confidence I have
In just one word you take away my doubt
In every piece I make; the happiness I found
‘Coz this is the only way I have for us to bond…

You set aside writing songs
And tried to explore other things
The things that I didn’t like before
Because of you now I adore…

You start to create your own little monster
You address your self as a monster maker
Maybe it’s weird for those who don’t understand
They can never appreciate it if they never look beyond…

This post was submitted by Kimmy .

Be Optimistic

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Be optimistic in your life,
Believe that things will go your way,
And if you need a little help,
Take some time and pray.

You need to have positive thoughts,
The negative needs to leave,
And if you think long enough,
You truly will believe.

So you did think good thoughts,
And being optimistic made things right,
And it was all because,
You saw the light.

This post was submitted by Debbie.

Love All the Same

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Bound by affinity
Where no truth seems to honest
And every glance means something more

We have to move forward
Like a car with no direction
A broken compass to guide us
And loss of all direction

We had to learn how to bend
How to scream
And how to love
And it doesn’t matter that I cant speak
For you can hear what i’m not saying

Maybe its not tradition
Its actually rather strange
But with a smile and a heart beat
Its love all the same.

This post was submitted by Madison Mohr.

Boarded Up In Blue

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“This house was once a home”, I thought.
Filled with people coming and going,
Living, loving, aging, dying, working, growing;
Not necassarily in that order.
As I road past the building-
the old little house on a tiny plot-
I slowed my pace;
I became enchanted.
My intrigue grew and grew;
I cannot tell you why.
Beyond the fact that the windows,
that once let in the light,
Were now boarded up in blue.
The panes had been replaced by sky blue painted wood.
And now, as viewed the lovely artistry,
All time seemed one, all motion stopped, a perfect peace,
as on a starry night,
took the place of my thoughts.
It lasted but an instant.
I wondered, then, as I returned,
aware of the ‘illusion’,
which one was real, the peace of that instant,
or my seat in the road.
As night turned to day again,
thoughts made their way.
I wished, for a moment,
(I knew more than wished),
that our Souls are like that old house.
At the end of our time
spent here on this earth,
our pain is no longer,
we exist anew,
in spirit and in peace,
as that house!
Boarded Up In Blue

This post was submitted by Donna Grant.


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Whenever I see towards the sky,
I mostly ask the question why…
Why do all things happen in the world?
Why is it that whether a person is happy or sad can never be told?
Thousands of mind, thousands of question arise,
Still people think to be silent is always wise.
All are aware of the things going around,
But what is right and what is wrong can never be found…
There are a hell lot of problems today,
Are these not enough that terrorism is on its way?
People act as if nothing has taken place,
But there’s a lot of insecurity behind each happy face…
Still fighting among ourselves is hardly of any use,
Cause to be united is what we should choose.
So I pray before going to bed today,
That tomorrow would be a better place to live and I m sure that’s what everyone wants to say…

This post was submitted by Bhakti.


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Life seems to go along.
Each day the sun comes up.
Each night the sun goes down.
Some days are good, some not so much.
Some days hold great joy.
Others hold heartbreak and sorrow.
As I look back on the years
I realize that there were more good than bad.
As the years went by
I was busy with husband,
And while I wasn’t looking closely,
My children grew up.
They moved out.
Some moved away.
I will always be a mother,
But not in the same every day way.
That part of my life,
The part that I had known and loved best
Had changed.
I realized I wasn’t ready.
I didn’t want this change in my life.
Nevertheless it came.

When I was a young mother;
So busy, tired, and sometimes stressed;
My father told me that someday I would look back and see
That these were the best days in my life.
He was right.

Fortunately the changes weren’t all bad.
My children had become great people.
Soon they had children and my role in life had changed again.
I am now Grandma and it is good;
So good.

So through this journey of change,
I have come to realize that it is inevitable and unstoppable.
Change like everything in life is really what we make of it,
How we accept and embrace it.
Growing up;
And hopefully great grand children; they are good changes to look forward to.
I try to remember that always.

This post was submitted by Paula Lythgoe.


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Desire is like a fire.
It burns within the soul
It cannot be put out
and it makes a person whole

Setting it aside would make one feel content
But contentment only happens for a while
For desire builds up
And soon, there’s more in life to aspire

Behold in life a transition
There arise such dreams and visions
Along comes the longing to fulfill
Such high ambitions

All life long builds up the desire
Until soon it will become so great
Until one will take action
Life will just seem a worthless fate.

This post was submitted by Maria Nina Bama.

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