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Because of you

DownUp +24

Because of you,
I’m able to see the sunshine behind rain.
Inspiring me to get up!
And to make a new start.

Because of you,
I’m able to see the light behind dark.
Showing me the right path.
And telling me not to go back.

Because of you,
I’m able to hear the silence behind noise.
Asking me to listen.
And keep my heart open.

Because of you,
I’m able to see the stars behind dark clouds.
Encouraging me that dreams could come true…
And just keep my faith in you!

Because of you,
I’m able to laugh behind pain.
Motivating me to be strong, go on…
And success would come along.

Because of you,
I’m able to trust behind betrayal.
Reminding me not to be afraid.
And to still believe…

Because of you,
I’m able to love behind hatred.
Telling me to do the right things.
And forget everything.

Finally I’m here living my life.
No more questions lingering in my mind…
Cause I have found the truth behind all the lies.
And I want to keep it ’til the end of my time…

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.

Staying Strong

DownUp +113

Gonna start running,
Not going to look back.
Gonna show the world my strength,
Gonna get my life on back on track.

Never giving up,
Never giving in.
to the pain in my heart,
or the cuts deep within.

Staying strong,
even though it stings.
And though unstable,
I’m still able,
To make a new beginning.

This post was submitted by Angela Williams.

On My Way…

DownUp +43

I am who I am.
Do I like who I am?
Sometimes I’m happy
with who I see-
in the mirror ,
looking back at me.
But at times
there’s an emptiness…
a feeling like I’m
an absolute mess.
Why that is?
I don’t know.
Perhaps it stems back
from long ago,
when I was a child.
But I was so loved
and wonderfully cared for.
Why this confusion?
I don’t know.
But I am slowly learning to let go…
I don’t want chaos or hostility,
just peace and tranquility.
I’m on my way …
to discovering
who I
really want
to be…
I feel…

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.


DownUp +42

I know that people don’t understand what you’re going through
But I can, cause let me tell you that I’ve been there too
Every time you wake up in the morning, and wish that you didn’t
Every time you go to sleep at night wishing that you’d die in it
Damn, the pressure that they give to you to hold on your shoulders
I know it’s hard, and will only get worse as you get older
But don’t waste your time trying to figure a way outta this mess
Cause that’s what life is, unfair, hard, and full of stress
And I know that what you want is to no longer live
But listen child, you’ve got a long way to go, and so much to give
Forget the people that hurt you, put all that bullshit behind
Step up, be grown, and control what’s going on in your mind
Cause as I told you, there is no way outta this mess
So might as well sit down, take it in, and consider yourself blessed

This post was submitted by Chantelle.

The words of I, A Poet

DownUp +8

The words of I, A Poet

The time is so slow
Yes, the leafs takes ages to fall
As the sweet words are said
It’s I, A poet

It’s when I get so emotional
I get those words
From my heart it shouts
So loud, to be wrote

It’s too beautiful to be wrote
So sweet to be caught
That’s the words of a true poet

As the clocks tick’s a tick
And my heart beats a beat
I say, I am a poet

The tears that my eyes make
Will be remembered
As the words of today

No sweetness on earth
Will be both
The beauty of it words
And the effect it does

As I write those words
My heart will be a good listener of yours
And heal the pain that once was in your words

As much as emotional it gets
It’s never too late
For me to take away the pain
Perhaps, I will enjoy the pain

No, I am not insane
My words indeed, overcomes my brain
It drew all the smiles on my face.

This post was submitted by Tariq Suhail.

As little as nothing

DownUp +5

Nothing is everything.
when you say your doing nothing you are always doing something.
If you are standing in your kitchen talking on your phone
and somebody asks you what you are doing, and you say nothing.
You are lying, your always doing something,
for instance, standing, breathing, living, talking, seeing, hearing, stepping, being yourself.

This post was submitted by Kristen Bendell.

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