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Their Future

DownUp -1

As I watch the ocean crash against the sand,
I wonder what has happened to this once beautiful land.
It used to be covered in grass of green,
And tree’s that grew ever so tall and lean.
Flowers grew everywhere ever so bright,
As they were kissed by the dew,
And warmed by the suns light.
The animals ran and played while the birds up above cheerfully sang
And every day at noon the church bells all rang.
There used to be whales that would jump happily out of the water
But that was long ago before the great slaughter.
As time went on and Man had only one need,
As he slipped away from hope
And grabbed onto greed.
Oil became the new money in which you could spend.
And whomever had it said they had none to lend.
From the Middle East to the Pacific Rim,
There were no smiles to see just an evil grin.
As wars escalated and talks broke down,
Oil wells burned turning blue skies to brown.
Buildings would crumble and crops would not grow,
As the ash and debris fell to earth ever so slow.
This is not the way we want it to end,
This is not the message to our youth we want to send.
The future’s not here its not yet set in stone,
But we must join together no one can do it alone.
I want our children’s children to have a future that’s bright,
With oceans of blue, green grass and glowing sunlight.
The future for them need not look so grim,
I think this war over resource and Energy we still can win.
We need to find alternatives now to bring victory at hand,
So we can hand down to those children this beautiful land.

This post was submitted by Jerry Duchene.

Next Chance

DownUp 0

You have to leave room for disappointment
& at the same time leave room so that you could grow
So when the time comes to let go & move on
You would always be the first to know

There isn’t such a thing as being perfect
We’re humans that are prone to make mistakes
Its just that we can’t stay like that forever
Gotta move on,no matter what it takes

Your worst fear shouldn’t be falling
but being incapable of getting up
Motivation should be the key process
Don’t let anything ever be too much

They’ll try to sway you with their deceptions
Try to fill you with nothing but their lies
& when they say your life has no meaning
Don’t believe,just take a look with your own two eyes

So don’t you ever smother your emotions
Because a situation didn’t play out as you want
Opportunities unfolds there self daily
Its life,just gotta be ready for your next chance.

This post was submitted by Kent.


DownUp 0

The rain falling softly upon her face.
Takes her to a magical place.
The rain falling softly in her hair.
Lets her soul float upon the air.

The rain touching her lips.
Give her the breath of life in little sips.
The rain falling softly from the sky.
Lets her know that heaven.
Is where good souls fly.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Dont care and breath

DownUp +1

Tears crashing down like the Towers
Sitting alone in the dark for hours,
Remember down the road not across the street
Watching the blood drop to your feet,
Do you think your the only one
Trying to end it with the sound of a gun,
Here is some advice
Screw everyone, and open your eyes and breath life
Don’t ask questions just do it and don’t think twice.

Just because i don’t care does not mean im deaf or blind
Go on talk to me let your words unwind,
I have been through hell n back with many tears
I have seen too much in my seventeen years,
So I know how you feel
debating if the pain is real
well it is so suck it up and deal,
If you say you “cant” then my ears will shut
Cause what you just said came out of your butt,
Hahaha yes i can get much meaner
Let me tell you dear
the other side is not greener,
I ask that you don’t tell me about your past,
Because me standing here will not last,
I don’t care what you did just what you will do
How bout this try on my shoe,
Maybe you’ll see the world like i see
When you do you can tell because your mind will be free,
Just say whats on your mind
They will call you mean but that’s why they have lips
and you have a behind
I have been called heartless
I have an amazing life regardless,

This post was submitted by marcus lomax.

Keep moving!!!

DownUp 0

Move on in life with a new aim;
dont give up cause its not just a game..

He will lift u up with your every fall;
tackle every obstacle and stand tall..

Dont ever let yourself get screw;
cause life is a lesson u learn it when u are though.

This post was submitted by jigar parekh.

Life If You Don’t Know!!

DownUp -2

This is life… if you don’t know

A day will come and we have to go

It is not easy we all know

Sad don’t be so

There are no words to express the feeling inside

But this is life changing us everyday from side to side

Enjoy every moment in your life
as if you are going to win a noble prize

You can say the train is arriving and we need to go

Time passed so quickly since we said hello

I know it is difficult to keep this cry inside

The time when you are saying goodbye

And you can’t say why

Just look at the sky and ask god to make you happy
the place you are

The last thing I can show is my opened mouth smile even
if I am not that happy from inside.

This post was submitted by Sara H.

Seeking truth

DownUp 0

I looked far and wide
I searched deep and low
I checked side to side
I went to and fro

I seek what I’m here for
Who could hold the truth
You cant buy it in a store
Is it me, am I uncouth

No the answer doesnt lie in me
No it doesnt lie in you
Jesus came and set me free
He’s it, there’s not two

all i want to do is rep his name
I want to share what has been given
I’ve been cleansed with his holy flame
Now I know that this is true living’

I looked far and wide
I searched deep and low
I checked side to side
I went to and fro
and now I know.

This post was submitted by Matt.

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