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Soaring high

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Soar like an eagle,
fly through the sky,
reach the highest mountain peek way up high.

You may not live forever,
so spread those glorious wings,
fly like an eagle,
and maybe you might just live.

This post was submitted by Kiki Landry .

Dont be scared

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Time is of the essence,
so tell him how you feel,
and if your heart gets broken,
its nothing time cant heal,
so take that chance and dont be scared,
and tell your heart to be prepared.
Its better to tell them and find out the answer
than question yourself ‘ what if?’

This post was submitted by cowgirl.


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When the world’s one step ahead
Don’t you feel like hiding
When people tend to stare
Don’t you feel like running
You see things that are nt there
For you they so real
Your mind has power
Power beyond compare

You’re pushed down
Yet you stand up
A busy highway
You’ll cross
All starts in the mind

In a crowd of people
Feels like prison
With no where to hide
No where to run
Just an ordinary day
But for you it feels
Like time stands still
You’re frozen

You’re pushed down
You stand up
A busy highway
You’ll cross
All starts in the mind

Even the strong succumb
To trials and tribulations
It follows you wherever you go
We all go through it
Its mind over matter
So who is the master
And who is the slave
Control your mind

You’re pushed down
You stand up
A busy highway
You’ll cross
All starts in the mind.

This post was submitted by Grant.

Some words against the gun

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Keeping full trust on the Fulvia-hand loom
some words may be uttered now

some words against the gun
an winter …
some fallen leaves …
some cold wind …
and a big vacuum in mind …

with all those adornments
i’m sitting now
on the terrace of a shiva-temple

in front of me
in a pond covered with hyacinth
the water-play of the ducks

in its water
the shadow of the sky
the shadow of the trees

along the side of the pond
a little child is running alone
with a toy-ball in hand

i don’t wish to know now
whether there is any compares
to that run

i’m only sitting
and staring at

it may not be known to others
but i myself know well
that by speaking those words
I try to hide my sadness… my loneliness…

Oh… instead of gun-powder …
if i could put inside the quartos
any translation of this joy of the child …

those who rule rely on guns
those who want to break the rule
also rely on guns

today when my pen wants
to tell something against the gun
i don’t know whether it will go
in favor or against
the sky… the birds… the trees… mankind.

This post was submitted by murari sinha.


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Take a deep breath,
Reassure yourself,
Then nod to say,
I’m ready.
Keep it tight,
Loosen up.
Let go,
Forget the world around you.
Feel the beat,
In your toes,
In your palms,
Pounding in your ears.
This is your moment,
Your chance to shine.
Forget any pain,
Your name,
The troubles of the world.
Dance with your soul,
Your Heart.
And whatever you do,
Don’t dance like nobody’s watching,
Dance like you have an audience.

This post was submitted by Mary.


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The tears you cry wont mean anything
to the person you are crying about

Because if they did
You wouldn’t be crying
Yours tears wouldn’t be falling like a waterfall
There would be no tears at all

But the thing is the person probably is nt worth it
And you need to let that person go
because if you don’t
you would have more tears of sadness
and less tears of joy

Even if it hurts to thinks about letting the person go
Thinks about what it would be like without them
No more tears of sorrow
more tears of joy

Dont let that one person bring you down
you just have to let them go.

This post was submitted by Anna Haler.

Past The Eyes

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Is what you think is true really false?
Is what you think is right is really wrong?
Is what you think is love is really hate?
Is everything in the world unbearable ?

The world is a mystery in all of our deceiving eyes.
We only try to see what is really happening, instead of what is not.

What is going on?
What is happening, what is happening now, what was happening then, and what will happen?

We may never know, but until we do, we must change.
We must fight with words not violence.
We shall unite and strive for our goal.
We shall become one and earn the right reward.

This post was submitted by Shawn Tan.

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