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Drink Driving

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My call to young Aussies is to ask them to think
To remember their teachings and not take a drink
There is so much in life so don’t cut it short
If you drive when you drink no doubt you’ll be caught

Stimulation is high if you’re drunk at the wheel
A car full of mates and speeding to feel
The adrenalin rush as it spreads through your brain
There’s a crossing ahead and you haven’t yet seen the train

So much can go wrong at times just like these
You may not hit a train but then there are so many trees
Is it really worth the pain and the many years of regret
To speed through the streets playing Russian Roulette

Society accepts you shouldn’t drink when you drive
Safety at the wheel should be all that you strive
As no doubt there’s a chance of severe danger ahead
If you drink when you drive you may well end up dead

The law as it is, is there to protect all
Be the conscience of your mates and be sure to walk tall
You’re the sensible one; you stand out from the crowd
You’re the body of our future so please make us proud.

This post was submitted by Gary Thompson.

Eight Candles

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Once we were told to learn, to love.
Care for each other, take the risk..
We search for answers beyond, above,
Even forgotten specified task…

We dream of living a new life.
A life that’s full of happiness,
A place I can call very much safe;
Far from the corner of bitterness…

I prayed incessantly and wait;
Hoping my dreams come true and see;
Fulfilling my very own portrait,
Building relationship that is free…

Unexpectedly, YOU came in,
Along the way, YOU shines brightly..
Your Spirit guides me to where I’ve been,
And captured my heart remarkably…

Your House full of encouragement.
I even discover Friendship,
Love to hear little children comment,
Singing praises to a heir Kingship…

You let your Word tell me your Name,
From a verse I read Almighty.
Considered Higher from Hall of Fame,
Even your Own qualities envied…

I came to search You far and wide.
Only to find You in my Heart..
How I wished I will never let You tired,
Speaking to me every day and night…

Saying “Thank You” is not enough.
Giving me “New Life” seems priceless.
My heart says, “I’m not giving up”..
Everlasting life; Your Words endless..

This post was submitted by Broken Symphony.

The bouquet of flowers

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The daffodils
They make many exiting sparks exploding all at once
Explaining the chaos of my world

The roses
They come out every once in a while
And bloom in my garden
The petals are delicate; velvety sheen

The drooping black irises
They are very rare
But when it comes in full depression
The dark sad leaves turn angry and wrinkled

The happy golden sunflower smiles throughout the day
When one shrivels and dies, there is always one to take its place
The yellow petals hide the dark center.

This post was submitted by Asma Patel.

Stop Female Infanticide

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Though it is not an exam or test
I vouch for it – girls are the best

When mom is down and dad is away
Its baby daughter who takes o’er for the day

Even when small and yet to learn
Looking after mom and dad is her concern

As she grows into a lovely maiden
Her mind, for her parents, in thoughts is laden

And when she leaves for her husband’s abode
Her allegiance always to her parents is stowed

Its foolish couples who yearn for a son
Repent when he grows into an ungrateful one

Then starts all the misery, wrath and pain
Though, joy and happiness to the world, they feign

Isn’t it cruel that you killed her in your womb?
Before her birth you gave her a tomb!

Stop this injustice! Rise women of the World
to this single cause – the flag is now unfurled.

Stop female infanticide you cruel hearts
Wake up to reality we have lessons to impart

Though it is not an exam or test
I reiterate with humility ‘Girls are the Best’!

This post was submitted by Julie Das.

A Cycle To Car

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Said the cycle to the car,
“Though you travel distance far,
You need fuel to run on,
Without fuel or expense I am borne.”

“You are expensive and I am cheap,
People spend on your upkeep,
Therefore in the long run I am better
For health freaks I am a trend- setter.”

“In all respects I am the best,
Use me, keep fit and pass the test
No fat, no cholesterol, no body pain
No doctor’s visit, I’m sure you’ll stand to gain”

I’m the one, who’ll keep pollution in check,
Help all humans and save the earth from wreck,
All you humans hear my message and heed
It’s high time; you put an end to your greed.

“Switch over to this humble two wheeler,
Try me out once; I’m sure you’ll be a winner”

This post was submitted by Julie Das.


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You look but never see,
You listen but hear nothing
You watch the sunrise,
only to find it’s in black and white.
You say this and that.
But it never comes back
You want to change,
but you’re scared of what you’ll become.
You want to love,
but you’re fear replaces the love you once had.

No more lying,
No more hiding,
Cowardice takes flight,
While you become a man
You are “You” now.
As you watch the sunrise,
You realize for the first time how beautiful
The colors of the rainbow are.

This post was submitted by Jennie Sides.

To Victory!

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victory is my destination;
hard work, motivation,
dedication, and perspiration,
will be my means of transportation.

victory is my calling,
after all the falling,
the greatness I’m hauling,
brings happiness from bawling.

from here to thee,
o’er a treacherous sea,
it calls to me,
the sweet sound of victory.

This post was submitted by Chris Gonzales.

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