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For Every….

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For every up there is a down
For every smile there is a frown
For every right there is a wrong
For every weak there is a strong
For every truth there is a lie
For every low there is a high
For every shame there is conceit
For every envy there is deceit
For every comfort there is a pain
For every warrior there is a slain
For every cruel there is a kind
For every lost there is a find
For every tie there is a bound
For every silence there is a sound
For every doubt there is belief
For every anguish there is relief
For every cut there is a scar
For every was there is an are
For every happy there is despair
For every broken there is repair
For every nightmare there is a dream
For every solo there is a team
For every blindness there is a see
For every you there is a me.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.

New Start

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In this time of life there is a choice
but its taken over by this frantic noise
I’m surrounded by the melody of tiny voices
that are blocking all of my choices
i find myself in the middle of two roads taken apart
but i keep on walking thinking every step is a new start.

This post was submitted by Amica Theunissen.

Shine Your Own Light

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The journey is long
for us to explore.
The ones that matter,
we should not ignore.

The hard times we encounter,
the moments of despair,
the darkness we experience,
will take us to where…
we need to go.

So, we can’t give up,
when we feel corrupt.
LIFE is a gift,
we should all embrace.
Step out of the darkness,
and do what’s right,
let the guiding light,
shine upon your face.

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.


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Every morning ….i just don’t wake up ,
i fly .

when the glimmering light trikes my window pane,
my wings dearth of sleep !!!!!!

but its too late too cry ,
as i wanna fly high ……

Every nite ,i dream of breaking barriers and reaching high …..
but in my dreams ,my wings are maimed every night ….

i cry , i yell ,i shout …..
but no one hears my silence and my wings are buried alive ……

but it fails to bury my obstination ..,
and the next morning …i again

This post was submitted by ammar shaikh .

Just To Be

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To .
To Want is a desire..
To what you want…
To let go is a choice..
What do we want??
To be alone??..
No not alone..just to be.

This post was submitted by miranda.

Today You Are….

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Today you’re a bird
but tomorrow you wiil be an eagle
today you’re a caterpillar
but tomorrow you will be a butterfly
today you’re a seed
but tomorrow you will be a tree
today you’re so small
but tomorrow you will grow tall.

This post was submitted by ryan poi amoin.

Don’t Cry For What Is Not

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Don’t cry for what is not
Be happy for what you have got
You always aspire for what is unachievable
Thinking one day you may get it
Desiring one day you may find it
Hoping one day you may achieve it,
Let’s not cry for what is not
Be satisfied for what you have got
You always dream for what is unattainable
Thinking one day your dream may come true
Desiring one day your dream may be a reality
Hoping one day you may attain it.

Be happy for what you have got
But don’t stop and don’t cry
You can better try and try
Plan out things and strive for it
Keep your target always before you
Tread towards your target slowly but steadily,
Be happy for what you have got
But don’t be sad for what is lost
Don’t get dishearten for your lot
Row your boat till it comes to shore
Go with your efforts till it comes to success
Toil hard till the end of your strength.

Because the real happiness lies
Not in achieving the target
But in striving for it
Once it is done successfully
The result is inevitable and unstoppable.

This post was submitted by jyotipatil.

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