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Another day begins
and I hear the alarm ring
Whats in store
Nobody knows

The golden sun beam shone brightly
But you are unable to move your head, ever so slightly
The birds hum their favorite tune
and the bikes go …vroom vroom VROOM!

The weekend was fantastic!
And so the Monday begins ‘bombastic!’
Reach your workplace and discover
That work patiently awaits you …like a lover!!

Whats in store…whats in store…
Read on sometime…and you shall know more.

This post was submitted by Natasha.

Shine Your Own Light

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The journey is long,

for us to explore.

The ones that matter,

we should not ignore.

The hard times we encounter,

the moments of despair,

the darkness we experience,

will take us to where…

we need to go.

So, we can’t give up,

when we feel corrupt.

LIFE is a gift,

we should all embrace,

Step out of the darkness,

and do what’s right,

let the guiding light,

shine upon your face.

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

Parents, You and They

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They cry when you’re born
They say you’re getting so big
They laugh when you giggle
They say you’re getting to old
They cry your first day of preschool
They smile as you walk in middle school
They clap as you graduate
They cry as you go to college
They say I’m proud of you as you begin a family

You tell great stories when their young
You help them when the struggle
You tell them your childhood memories
You love them when they fall
You help them with life choices

They look at you as they walk up on the stage
They tell you great news about a child
They remember when you love them
They remember when they cried you love them
They remember when they struggled you helped them
They continue the tradition of CARING MEMORIES

This post was submitted by LaCressa Christian.

Broken Heart Feelings

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Standing alone on the world’s edge,
He prayed for hours and hours,
And there arrived a sage.

I’ll give you a boon, he said,
But, with it, a curse will be spread
You will have no enemies,
But neither will you have any love
You will have no good memories,
Neither will you have any casualties.

Or, you can choose to have 1 love,
But, with it, come a thousand enemies.
The choice was not that tough.
He didn’t choose love.
‘Life is hard’, he said,
‘1 more enemy and I’d be dead’

He lived his life peacefully,
But, the devil had other plans for him, painfully.
Dante showed him a glimpse of love,
One, he couldn’t have enough.

He pleaded to the sage,
I made a choice, please let me change
The sage took pity….
‘Have some love, have an identity’

The man happy and satisfied,
Blindly walked past his demise.
He got love, a lot of love
But she soon left him
And he sat there in disgust.

The pain of a thousand enemies wasn’t even comparable
to the sting of love.
He was vulnerable,
Too afraid to love, too afraid to trust.

The devil laughed to his heart’s content
The girl he loved was never content
This is the reality of us humans,
There is no love, there is no hate,
Life is just an empty tunnel, leading to our empty fate.

You will have no love,
But neither will you have any enemies.
You will have no good memories,
Neither will you have any casualties.

This post was submitted by Rohan.

With Joy

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I am joy…

With joy, you were born
With joy, you were a baby
With joy, you cried
With joy, you smiled
With joy, you laughed
With joy, you sleep
With joy, you walked
With joy, you matured
With joy, you were healed
With joy, you fought
With joy, you never gave up
With joy, you world peace
With joy, you made me.

This post was submitted by No Name,,or someone want get back a child again!.


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If when you awake in the morning
And the pain is still so great
You don’t even want to get out of bed
And face this evil world filled of hate
When it feels like everything in life goes wrong
And nothing you do is ever good enough or right
All you want to do is give up on it all
Just try harder and you will eventually see the light
You must strive to achieve greatness
To show everyone that you will win
Remembering every person who has put you down
And tries constantly to fill your would with pain
For every disappointment and times you’ve been let down
There will always be better moments and life will turn around
Everyone goes thru heartache and even feels pain
But only those who have true courage get up to try Again.

This post was submitted by megan.

God Gift Life

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God had gifted this life,
Beautiful as flower,sharpen as knife
Thankful to him, to show us light,
Work hard to make it bright.

Its not easy to get human life
You are the hero of this site
Be confident,be brave
Don’t let you weak,otherwise
You will be slave.

Think positive, b stronger
Your happiness will grow little longer
Life is yours make or break
Think hardly where to take

Two ways in life, good or bad
Choose the right,your future will glad
If you tried, hope for the best
If you loose, then concentrate on the rest
Don’t be sad, always b glad
Fight those thrones which make you sad…

This post was submitted by bhanu dadwal.

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