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My Gift To You

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In the sweetest of Notions
And the blindest of lights
The ignorance of our love
And the fearest of fights
In the times of our needs
Or when we most wanna give
It’s when we struggle for life
And then pray just to live
When a gift has been offered
And this gift is my heart
But your patience is needed
For a new life to start
Our quest seems like a lifetime
A very long second or two
But every second that passes
Is waited on you
There’s not one wasted moment
For everyday that goes by
Our future holds truth
Without one wasted lie

This post was submitted by Raymond.

About life…..

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Walking along the shore looking across the lake ……..
wondering why life seems so great….
but it just took me a second to think…
that my life indeed changes faster than a blink….!!!

This post was submitted by kirti narula.

Forever In Peace

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Sons and mothers,
daughters and fathers,
apart from each other are now,
pools of blood,
sounds of cries,
tears shed for the return,
of the loved one’s now gone,
console themselves they must now,
and kiss their beloved goodbye,
for life has separated them,
never to meet,not in this life!
hands we hold up,
a prayer we must say,
for the deceased souls,
rest in peace,
and like this forever stay,
in our memories,
memories! they shall always remain,
and every once in a while,
will sting,cause pain,
but life goes on,
they would want the same,
for you to move on,
be as volatile as you can be,
live it to the best,
and know that they will,
forever be in peace.

This post was submitted by Pari Shumial.


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Life is not about yours and mine,
nor it is about living or dying….
dont think life is a game,
or it is just to have fame….
life is not between birth and death,
nor it is hidden in scientific facts..
it is not in the count of beats,
nor it lies in umber of breaths.
dont mislead it as your total time,
coz its not a glass of wine……
life is not a philosophic rhyme,
nor it is a corporate punch line.
now you must be confused,
thinking then what is all this fuss?
life is in a blooming flower,
it is in god’s power…..
life is all about spreading joy,
for what you can do boy…
life is having peace of mind,
by giving smile to a crying eye……
life rests in you and me,
discover it and let it flee……

This post was submitted by Sonal Chaturvedi.


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baby in the womb
waiting for so long….
To come and see the outer world,
Not knowing difference between his or her….
Asked only one question how,
Waiting for reply till now….
Will I survive?

Child on the beach,
Holding hand in front of each….
Feeling hungry bot no way out,
Just one thing to ask out,
Will he survive?

Graduate with degree in hand,
Searching for job in each land…..
Sitting alone with thought of suicide…,
Just one question in my mind….
Will he survive?

A lady in the home,
Nothing to say just tears to flow….
Works for every one but no one to see,
Now that’s what I feel,
Will she survive?

Old man in corner of house,
Feeling lonely no one to share his doubts…..
Emotionally insecure single in crowd,
Knowing he will not hold,
But even then one question untold….
Will he die out without being live?

This post was submitted by Sonal Chaturvedi.

Flowers are like People

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Flowers come in all colors.
People come in all colors.
No Two flowers are the same
although they can look identical.
No Two people are the same
although they can look identical.
Flowers don’t have war.
People have war.
Why can’t we all be beautiful flowers in the meadow?
God made everything have a purpose.
In War, flowers are killed.
Just the same as people are.
The one difference between the Two that goes for people,
is how Only people have families.
Flowers do not.

This post was submitted by Cassie Brooks.

Life Is Like Riding On A Roller Coaser…

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Life is ike riding a roller coaster
it goes up and down
when you chose your to ride it
you had to ride it
you can’t leave
you left no choices behind

You only ride once
but if you ride it right
once is enough
leave the happy moment on the ride
when u left
you leave the happy memories there

It’s like a storybook
not as romantic as a fairytale
but as happy as your memories
and now
it’s time to close the book
your soul remains and your presence remains

This post was submitted by Guo Jiawen.

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