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Share With Me

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Idle no more,
My hand inside yours;
Captured by your eyes,
Prisoner of your smile,

Fingers through your hair, relax the mind;
Close your eyes, drift for awhile;
Nestled on my chest,
Clear your thoughts;
Dont speak just listen,
Embrace the silence,
and the feelings that come with it.

Locked inside,
Experiences to be;
Give me an opportunity…
Come share them with me?

This post was submitted by Alex.


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Serenity is beautiful,
Seeping in our soul,

From the minds of the young,
And minds of the old,

From the depts of our hearts,
And the beats that go on,

Serenity is beautiful,
like a sunset beyond!

This post was submitted by stephanie hylard.

The Richness Of Worth

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The richness and value of worth
cannot be replaced with things on earth.

Most judge people by what they possess.
How much power they gain or how they dress.

Things are temporal and can be quickly lost.
You can’t put your trust in them at any cost.

It is good to have comforts in life, don’t hug them too tight.
They might slip through your fingers, fleeing in the night.

This post was submitted by Janelle Peterman.

Just seconds

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I have a wish, I want a change
I want a miracle but strange
Just for seconds every day I pray
Just for seconds All good words to say
Drop the weapons, catch a smile
Release the prisoners just for a while
Stop the cars, stop the work
Then All together, All at once, fill the streets
And take a breath, feel the freedom
The happiness, the breeze
that’s all I want from God and please
To fill just seconds with peace

Seconds with peace is what the World miss
Day for women, day for AIDS
For the labor, for the Kids
But lets pray together
Lets make just seconds for the Peace

I have a wish, I want a deal
I want a miracle but real
Just for seconds the World to stop
Stop battles, fighting, wars
Stop quarrels, blaming, dirty sparks
Ignore racism, gender, age
And All the people, All at once
Fill the streets and hold the hands
Feel the freedom, the happiness, the breeze
To fill just seconds with peace
Make this seconds minutes, day
that’s all I want from God and pray

This post was submitted by Petar Rusinov.

Good needs Bad to be Good

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The world is in need of good,
So throw away the bad,
It’s no use to you,
I’ve seen people regret the fact,
That threw their good away,
So instead of regretting the life you’ve had,
Do something good,
And live in happiness,
Till the end of your life,
There is a fact of life,
That there will always be evil,
And darkness,
Evil makes us see what is good in the world,
To see beyond,
And act to our fullest,
Without the night,
We wouldn’t see the stars,
Without the hatred,
We wouldn’t see the love,
So now you know the reason,
Of the good existence,
That puts the bad away,
So nothing is good,
Without the bad,
However in the end,
After seeing it all,
What would you choose?
The good?
Or the bad?
More importantly,
What did you choose in life?
Good? Or bad?
We must try to understand,
That day doesn’t happen,
Without seeing the night,
Did you choose love?
Or did you choose hatred?
It’s all in the heart,
And of course,
The mind,
So we need to understand,
Good is nothing,
Without the …….BAD!

This post was submitted by Jehan Daboo.

A Glimpse

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A glimpse, a glimpse is all you get
If you make but one mistake
So wisely choose the path you take
For one wrong foot, one miss step
A glimpse is all you get

A mere look, a glance
Of a place so rare
Is not something for much care
For as you look you must reap
And a faint glance cannot keep

So wisely choose your path
And if you make it straight
You will get to that place so great
But if you make but one mistake
A glimpse, a glimpse is all you take

This post was submitted by Cassandra.

Love and life

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Love….. a term constantly over used.
Her heart is a power system hope her boyfriend doesn’t blow a fuse.
These people leave me all amused.
They say they’re all that, but have nothing to lose.
The sky isn’t my limit cause I could touch the moon.
Love is bitter sweet so I put sweet n low inside my spoon.
Excuse my premature maturity.
Her heart is temporarily broken, and she sees the much awaited cure in me.
I’m 14 feeling as if I’m 45.
Cause I notice people go through with life, but never seem to fully come alive.
I could turn a word into a master piece.
Life is a long story so you better take a comfortable seat.
Her heart is my favorite retreat.
Love is bitter sweet like a rotten peach.

This post was submitted by Keenen.

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