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Ugly People

DownUp +11

There are millions of people out there with ugly hearts.
They think using and hurting others is play. Other people are only here for their amusement.
But when it ends won’t they be surprised.

There are thousands of good hearted people out there.
Who think loving and caring is the way to go.
Everyone else is the same they think, here to care about others.
But when it ends won’t they be surprised too.

But for now the world keeps on spinning.
Around and around like a bowling ball.
Headed for that last big strike.

By: Bernice (Maria) Crawford.

This post was submitted by Bernice Crawford.

Life goes on…

DownUp +62

There was a time when everything was right,
each moment was blissful and bright.
Carefree, evergreen smile flashing on the face
but now life seems to loose its pace.
Everywhere is dark, no ray of hope,
no chances are left to recoup.
The evil void seared my happy soul
tears are flowing, which I can’t control.
Finding way out of it, I wasn’t sure
just wondering if I can find any cure.

But time heals all the pain,
after drought there always comes rain.
Even though life seems to be full of jerks
but letting yourself down will never work.
Parents’ love cannot be described in brief
and true friends are always beside us in our grief
There are many people who make life worth living
so cheer up and start dreaming.
Just believe in yourself and your dreams,
though impossible things may seem
Someday, somehow you’ll get through
to the goal you have in view

This post was submitted by Anu.

Life is a ride

DownUp +71

Life is a ride
it goes up and down
and sometimes you have to run
or turn around
so many things happen
a lot of drama to take
but we live through it
leaving behind each mistake
you bought yourself a ticket
and now you’re on the ride
so make the best of it
don’t jump off the side
so put on a smile
you’ll survive a bump on the way
and then you’ll be shooting up again
because that’s the price you have to pay

This post was submitted by rebecca .

Life is like a river

DownUp +30

Life is like a river,
In the beginning,
It bubbles a lot,
As if forever.

A child also thinks,
He or she,
Can live forever,
They think life’s a crystal stair.

Then the river slows,
as life reaches its lows,
and of course,
it’s highs.

It then becomes smooth,
when we become lazy,
then it feels as if it’s not moving
that’s is our old age

Then it goes out
into the ocean just like
us, going up
into the heavens.

Savor every moment
as the wind blows in your hair
when one life ends
another begins.

This post was submitted by Jehan Daboo.

Only I, Can Save Myself

DownUp +26

I am walking through the forest,
The very lonely forest, all by myself,
No one to speak to, no one to touch,
I’m all alone feeling sad and betrayed.

I am walking past the dark, drowning shadows,
To the flowing river to face my death,
No one to speak to, no one to save me,
I’m all alone as I set forth to face my doom.

I take a breath of fresh air,
And enter a place so foreign to me,
No one to speak to, no one to fall on,
I’m all alone in a place I must call home.

The further I go, the clearer it becomes,
And the less I ache,
No one to speak to but myself,
That’s when I realized, ONLY I CAN SAVE MYSELF.

This post was submitted by NatsVille.

The beauty that once surrounded me

DownUp +15

I look around me and I find the things I’ve seen have made me blind.
I can no longer look and see the beauty that once surrounded me.
I see the world with eyes anew, the greed and hate, intolerance too, have taken over to leave behind a landscape bare of all that’s kind.

Once we shared and shared alike. Our homes and hearts were open too.
What we had was there for all.” What’s mine is yours” was all the tone.
Now “What’s yours is mine, what’s mine’s my own”

I dream that things will change again, that new will not be the end.
That we will save the things we have. Not cast aside as fashioned slave.
The desire, greed and envy trend will fade as we make do and mend.

Our world would avoid the change in nature as men’s natures grew.
In taking less and giving more, we feed the hungry, help the poor.
A wealth that we have never known is there for all, no man alone.
No lottery, no selfish gain. A richness we had lost is found.
Life’s joy and happiness laughter sound.

This post was submitted by Diana Fredriksson.

The Is No Time

DownUp +100

There is no time, No time to spare,
These are the moments, In which we share,

There is no time, Forget the past,
For nothing is forever, This will not last,

There is no time, The end is near,
Love each moment, Live not in fear…

This post was submitted by BlameTheSilence.

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