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Wasted life

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Trying to reveal whats in side
because it’s becoming to hard to hide,
Searching for an out stretched hand
because your losing the ground on with u stand.
Trying to hold the those who are close
while fighting that internal host,
When the depressing thoughts start to sink in
that when you realized you’ve lost before it began.
Trying to learn from what needs to be taught
while knowing it’s all your fault,
By the time you font the way out, its to late
how could it be that this is your fate.
You never thought it would be this hard
so this affection had left you scared,
causing u to always be on your guard.
Finally coming to your resting bed
you realized it was all in your head,
So you gain the strength to try and stand
but it is DEATH who takes you by the hand.

This post was submitted by kyle garst.

On the whole

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Separate the light from electricity
Separate the difficult from simplicity
Separate the love from the hate
Separate the coincidence from fate

Separate the day from the night
Separate the wrong from the right
Separate the good from the bad
Separate the happy from the sad

Separate the strong from the week
Separate the… bottom from the peak
Separate the child from the birth
Separate the misery from the mirth

Separate the seasons from the weather
Separate the separate from together
Separate the peace from the war
Separate the rich from the poor.

This post was submitted by Michael James Cooney.


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Life is full of ups and downs
It may make you sad and frown
The test is for you to endure
Power of faith is what you needed to perform

Obstacles, trials, challenges, you can name it
What matters most is the level of your faith
Tested by time, molded by experience
God will be the only shield and shelter

The test of life is very difficult
Sometimes it can make you really shout
The voice of pain is always there
Asking for help, a tender loving care

The test to passed has its long way
Journey of life is somehow be gloomy
Instill in your mind that GOD will be the light
Your saving grace and a big delight

This post was submitted by Megan Austria Medrano.

Drama called “life”

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No matter how hard a relationship breaks
People can never escape from falling again
Even if we try to stop back,
In the road of life we’ll meet someone again
It’s the circle of life that has so many ups and downs
The one who fights back can only survive
Never let go of feelings that makes “you”
Because life is too precious to be loose by one breakdown
Be strong,even with tears that are going to fall from your eyes
Since life doesn’t give second chances for you
To find the meaning of the lives……

This post was submitted by namrata gautam.


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What is it, what does it mean?
How do i find out what the meaning is?

Some people say that life is like a tree
it just keeps growing and getting bigger
and stronger all the time.

It will bend and sway in the wind
but at the end of the day
it will be standing on the side
of the river bank taller and stronger
than ever.

So where is the answer
why wont this tree fall over in the strong winds?

It will soon tho
someday the wind will be blowing
to hard and what was once a beautiful
life, has now been thrown along
the river bank getting drenched
head to toe with the burning hot
heat from the sun, which kills
the tree from inside out.

Setting fire to it.
burning it on a hot summers day.
What is this life called?

This post was submitted by Stephanie Thomson.

Just One Smile

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Smile – it’s the first best thing you can do with your lips.
It doesn’t take a year to make and a just a look to remember.
It brightens a day and hides a grin
You don’t even have to ask were those been.
Just say hi, and wave a mile.
Just don’t forget to end with JUST ONE SMILE.

This post was submitted by Brianna Rhodes.

Life may be hard

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Life can be hard
i for one know that
from what i have suffered
the school stages are hard
and putting on a smile is even harder
but when you see that light
through the Grey clouds
you realize that everything is going to be okay.
Even though you may not have no money
no family and no friends
there is always a cloud with a silver a lining
even when life is hard,
it still can be easy.

This post was submitted by Luci Clifton.

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