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My Fantasy

DownUp +5

I used to have some silver nights
And dreams of chants and mights
A candle lighting in mid night
That full the room with light

Flowers blooming around me
Prettiness is all I see
A golden chariot that’s so elegant
Someone says isn’t a fairy’s grant

There’s a huge pavilion
That covers the shy blue moon
An orchestra full of glee
And a handsome prince that is missing me

This post was submitted by Michaela Tatualla.


DownUp +15

Should I chose to be hostile and upset,
I will live a life with the utmost regret.
I need to get passed all the hurt and the fear.
I need to let go of my anger and steer
my life….in the path of joy and total bliss.
I only have one life and this life I do not want to miss.

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

After 10 years

DownUp +15

As the time passes by memory fades,
with this passing time we see life’s different shades…

Today i am trying to sit n tackle all my fears,
by looking at the shades of my life after 10 years…

Will i be living in the world of my dreams,
will life be as easy as today it seems…

Will i be missing my school life and itz grace,
or i will forget it all in this worlds rat race…

Will i be getting from my friends same care and time,
or they will all be changed by those silver coins shine…

Will i be with all my sweetest friends till then,
with whom life is easy every moment is overwhelmed…

Will i be with my life’s ultimate love,
with whom i can fly high to the clouds above…

Will i be having my best friend with me too,
will she help me then whenever i am in blue…

But now its the time to give halt to all these thoughts,
cuz i dont even know till then i will be ALIVE OR NOT…

This post was submitted by Namit Hans.

I Can’t Remember

DownUp +1

I can’t remember
skipping rocks on the beach
My childhoods forgotten
My childhoods lost.
Going to the doctor
Making mud cakes
Playing with friends in the street.
I can’t remember
All the bereavement
My childhoods forgotten
My childhoods lost.
The doctor doing surgery
Me getting pain pills
I can’t remember any of it
None of it’s clear.
I still can’t remember,
How it’s gone
My childhoods forgotten
My childhoods lost.

This post was submitted by Jamesha Willis.

A Walk In The Park

DownUp -3

It’s been a long hard year going through everything.
The emotions, the classes, and the stress…
Disregarding everything I learned,
When finally I get possessed.

I get that feeling that I need to fit in,
And I don’t care who I push down to get there…
Just to seem cool is ‘A Walk In The Park’,
But no one ever looks aware.

The smoking, the drinking, lying and more,
Just hiding it from the world…
Then the word gets out that I’m doing these things,
And suddenly everything is uncurled.

“Why’d you do, when did you start?!”
So many questions I cant reply…
“We don’t know what to do anymore!”
And just with that I want to die.

I never meant to hurt anyone,
I just wanted to fit in…
But what “A Walk In The Park”
Yeah, that’s what I could have been.

This post was submitted by Jenna.

A single memory…

DownUp +7

A single memory
Is all it takes,
To preserve and remember
What a lifetime makes.

So wrap it up
Tight in your hand,
And never let go
For as long as you can.

For as long as you keep it
It will always be safe,
But if you let go
You’ll regret the mistake.

So I plead with you now
To never let it go,
Keep it safe from harm
From friend or foe.

This post was submitted by Laura \'Lorenzo\' Thomas.

Best Day Ever

DownUp +6

The best day of your life,
could you ever describe it,
Would you even be able to pick a day.
You shouldn’t have to just choose one best day.
Every moment that you have in life you should live,
and make the best of.
Moments in life should be the best
and taken in to never be forgotten.
You only get to live life once,
So instead of having just one best day of you life
Why not just have and live the best Life ever,
So that every moment is amazing and you life is meaningful.

This post was submitted by Amanda Miller.

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