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Happiness is only when you want nothing

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‘While trudging on the path he chose in life
He worked a lot for the money he earned
But one day God graced his doors
And he lesson of happiness he learned.’

‘I am impressed by your work my child,
Every pleasure of life you own
Although you have a Merc in the driveway
The smile you had is now gone!’

‘But I am happy, who says I am not
I enjoy the club, I enjoy a lot.’

‘Now dear, this is the happiness test –

Are you happy with all you have?
The immediate answer was big YES.
God asked again – do you want more?
The answer now was a BIGGER yes.’

‘Things that make you happy are only your desires
The more it grows, the more it pains
Happiness is only when you want nothing
And let the pain go in drain.’

This post was submitted by sahil.

What we call life

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It’s a funny thing,
What we call life,
It gives us trouble,
It causes strife.

It makes us laugh,
It makes us cry,
Yet all we do,
Is stress and try.

To make it through,
Surpass Our frowns,
To make it past,
Life is ups and downs.

We don’t have a choice,
To stay or to go,
Were here for a while,
Is all that we know.

So however hard,
When there is no fun,
Sit back and remember,
We only get one.

This post was submitted by Charlotte.


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I look back on what I want to see
Hoping to find the missing piece
The puzzle is almost together
But there is still some missing
Slowly coming together
Piece by piece
Soon it will be whole
But when will that be?
I guess only time will tell
I want to find those pieces that are missing
I want to search for them
But I am being held back
Afraid I wont find them
Searching everyday
Hoping every night
That somehow
They will come to me
Until eventually
This puzzle is finally whole

This post was submitted by Krystal Thompson.


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Love is a feeling that tingles and jumps inside your heart
Sadness is a feeling that tears your heart apart
Happiness is a feeling of laughter smiles and joy
Madness is a burning of fire inside a heart
All corresponding and reacting as they are
Each with its own ability of making you be who you are

This post was submitted by Estar.

Live for today

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You Don’t Get To Choose
How Your Going To Die BUT
You Do Get To Choose
How You Are Going To Live SO
Live For Today, Have No
Regrets And Party Hard!

This post was submitted by Lauren.

Balance of life

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If your always worried about the past,
when will you ever have time to plan for the future?
But if your always planning for the future,
when will you ever be able to live in the moment?

This post was submitted by Jordan Marzec.

Meaning of Life

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4 Letters
1 Word
1 Meaning

A person once told me Life meant Living In Fear Everyday

Is that person right?
Sometimes Life seems so bright
But this night
You may need to fight
Could be quite the fright
But remember at the end theres a light

So is this person right?

This post was submitted by joel.

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