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DownUp +1

Have you ever really took a step
back to enjoy………..

The Wonder, Amazement and
Beauty that is life

The Sound the World makes
when the Magnificent Sun rises

A Persons Triumph over Adversity
to become a Better Stronger

A Soldiers Bravery to Fight with
his Life for the Impossible

A Parents Silent commitment to
their Newborn to Protect and

A Child’s innocence as they play
blissfully unaware of what
the world has become

An Old mans Last breath becomes
a Newborns passage into Life

An Old couples Love and Devotion
still Strong through all of
Life’s trials

How Beautiful the World really
is if you Sit Back …. Open
your heart … and Listen.

This post was submitted by Jessica Newman.

Life Well Spent

DownUp +1

Where will you be when your life is spent.
Where did you go, what did you do.
To what degree of clarity can you expound
upon your life that that will make any sense.

What torrent waters did you cross.
What high mountains did you climb.
What friends did you make,
what happiness did you share,
what was gained and what was lost.

It would be great if we could retrieve he time.
The time that we spent wishing,instead of doing.
How much hatred can one consume.
How many times are we going to ignore the signs

Where will you be when your life is spent.
Did you travel to your favorite place.
Did you commit to your favorite dream.
With clarity, can you say that your life made sense.

Before life’s unforgiving mirror, we will stand.
confused over the things the mirror reveals.
At this point in our lives, our memory escapes us.
It would be great if we new before hand.

This post was submitted by Gamaliel H. Gooding.

Life Poem

DownUp +3

Today i m looking for my identity,
i am looking for my own self,
i m no less than a slave.
and no more than a being,
today i m looking for my identity,
i want to do things with my will,
with my right to choose something,
is this possible in this life?
still i m looking for my identity.

This post was submitted by Anu Verma.

Dont care and breath

DownUp +1

Tears crashing down like the Towers
Sitting alone in the dark for hours,
Remember down the road not across the street
Watching the blood drop to your feet,
Do you think your the only one
Trying to end it with the sound of a gun,
Here is some advice
Screw everyone, and open your eyes and breath life
Don’t ask questions just do it and don’t think twice.

Just because i don’t care does not mean im deaf or blind
Go on talk to me let your words unwind,
I have been through hell n back with many tears
I have seen too much in my seventeen years,
So I know how you feel
debating if the pain is real
well it is so suck it up and deal,
If you say you “cant” then my ears will shut
Cause what you just said came out of your butt,
Hahaha yes i can get much meaner
Let me tell you dear
the other side is not greener,
I ask that you don’t tell me about your past,
Because me standing here will not last,
I don’t care what you did just what you will do
How bout this try on my shoe,
Maybe you’ll see the world like i see
When you do you can tell because your mind will be free,
Just say whats on your mind
They will call you mean but that’s why they have lips
and you have a behind
I have been called heartless
I have an amazing life regardless,

This post was submitted by marcus lomax.

Is It Worth It?

DownUp -1

Is it worth it?
Is it worth waiting, wishing,and wasting?
Is it worth it still
if someday, sometime in that day,
you lose all of it?
Is it worth loving someone so much or,
waiting for someone special?
Is it worth wishing day,after day, after day,
that your dreams will come true?
Is it worth having fun
and having bad times
when you lose all those memories some day?
Is it worth crying continuously,
or caring that it happened?
Is it worth it
if everything you’ve ever done is just going to
fall apart someday when you die?

This post was submitted by Cindy.


DownUp +22

Life is meaningful when you extend a helping hand!
Life is meaningful when you learn to respect your elders!
Life is meaningful when you really work hard to achieve something!
Life is meaningful when you have a wonderful family to support!
Life is meaningful when your friends never let you down!
Life is meaningful when you know to love yourself!
Life is meaningful when you sincerely own up your mistakes!
Life is meaningful when you trust,when you care,
when you believe and when you love!

This post was submitted by Niha Khadeeja Nasir.


DownUp +2

Lessons learnt, truth be told,
Lies will hurt those involved.
Pain is caused, scars run deep,
Through our lives the truth will seep.
Some lies are made without a sound,
But all that’s left is shaky ground.
A lie, just one can often grow,
Gone out of hand before you know.
Attention is what some will seek,
other just a flaw made weak.
Everyone has told a lie,
At least one before they die.
Some are large, some not so,
All will end in a awful row.
Friendships lost from minor tales,
The real ones last when truth prevails.
The lessons learnt, the truth been told,
We could lose the ones to hold.
Wisdom gained from our mistakes,
Telling truth is all it takes.

This post was submitted by Katrina.

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