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Life is always great

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It takes a day to make a dream,
But it takes many nights for a seed to become a tree.

Life is a ladder that must be climbed.
But in every stage,

There are many rivers and battles to fight
And our hopes determines our future.

This post was submitted by rayan dharman.

No Time To Waste

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People start their run for life
with lots of horizon in their minds
run n run as there’s no time to waste
people run with lots of firmament in d world

run n run for their infinite goals
but little did they know,that-
in this run of their life,there comes
a siren which alerts them wild!!

a siren which hurls
‘the fear of death’
scorching inn like a pest
in fathom depths of our mind
n puts us in,a deep deep strife

the storm just passes far away
with its strong alert ,left behind…

now again begins ‘run for life’
wild thought just,off d mind
no time,no time -to waste!
n all again begins the same

just like waves which rests,
after a stormy while!!!!

This post was submitted by baseeha.

Life is Unpredictable

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Today I was in love,
In love in a wrong time.
I hope he’ll love me back.
The way I want it to be.
And now that he admit that he also love me,
I wish that this is reality.

I don’t know why I feel this way,
The feeling that makes me sway.
It’s really amusing,cause
I love the man with out knowing.

Life is really unpredictable,
We don’t know when we fall in love,
and when to fall out of love.

This post was submitted by syvel jay tanjusay silvestre.

Life can be hell

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A new chapter begun.

It was going so well.

then the time came,

I finally fell.

I found myself living in hell.

why do things fall apart?

broken with scattered pieces.

searching for things that cannot be found,

Reminds me of being in the dark.

My heart keeps pulling me in different ways.

Making me feel a stray.

i dont know where this time will lead,

maybe it will let me free

or leave me with my heart to bleed..

This post was submitted by Kelsey Patrick.

Don’t be shy

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I don’t know why I waited so long,
I don’t know what I did wrong,
And now I need to say,
I was waiting for this day,
And now I know why,
I always liked this guy.
Don’t be shy,
Just open up your eyes,
An the day will come,
Where you’ll act real dum,
Then you’ll go outside,
And feel like your on a ride,
But then you’ll see,
You where looking for me,
You will make some friends,
The good times will never end,
And all you have to say is.
Don’t be shy,
Just open up your eyes,
You will make some friends,
And the good times will never end,
You will have so fun,
Running in the sun,
And you know the bad times will come along,
And all you have to do is sing this song,
So sing along.

This post was submitted by Kayla Bouliane.

Love your life

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Keep every moment dear to your heart
weather you are with your sweetheart
or your stranded in the rain
there is always a silver lining to be gained
never let a single moment slip through your memory
so do not be wiry
life can get you down
he who has the crown
has made you precious
and gave you a promise
of ever lasting life
so through all the strife
just smile and remember that every moment is for a reason.

This post was submitted by brittany.

Life is…

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Life is not a fairy tale,
everything cant turn up alright.
But it’s not showing you failed,
You just have to turn your darkness into light.

Life is not just a game,
people have real feelings.
And i’m sure you feel the same,
besides…people have enough stress their probably dealing.

Life is…suppose to be fun!
To laugh, to enjoy, and to be happy in life.
So when your feeling down, just take a deep breath,
and look up at the sun…Look way beyond the clouds!
And just say to yourself that dont always stress with your worries and strife.

This post was submitted by Katie.

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