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Rhyme of Life

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I usually express emotion in a complex scheme of rhyme
To make my mind relax and my heart to be fine
This way words could no longer be difficult to release
And no more spoken words to be missed.

Every day of my life is a series
Time is so fast enough to be noticed
I’m then a little one who just know how to play
But now, I’m more than enough compare to yesterday

Looking back to the old times, I must not be a coward
I should build strength to move on forward
Remembering those, I might shed tears
But at this moment I should fight my fears.

It is nice to know that there will always be tomorrow
The best thing to do is just go with the flow
Life is like this, filled with sorrow
But be tough enough with a raising brow.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

Hard life

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I am how i am cuz of a hard life
I dont know how i manage all the pain, misery an strife.
Ill sit sometimes an ask god y?
Im a real tough dude an still wanna break down an cry.
I grew up rough an its all good
If i can go back i dont think id change my childhood
We all have it hard an different ways to go about it
U can say there is worse people, right now i doubt it
There is no limit on how much pain i can take
Yea itll slow me down but im not gonna break
Just cuz someone cant be beat doesn’t mean they always wanna fight
An just cuz i can handle it doesn’t mean i dont want things to be alright
Right now i got a lot weight on my shoulders
It just gets heavier an heavier as i get older
I train an train an that’s weight i just cant lose
If u wanna appreciate ur life just step in my shoes
I appreciate u reading what i write
i wont help most of u, but some of u it might.

This post was submitted by robert oregon.


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I awaken to a new dawn,
Creations beauty surrounds me,
The air embraces me,
The sky inspires me,
The sun illuminates me,
My inner energy bursts forth,
My life has purpose, meaning,
I carry hope,
I possess passion,
I have joy,
Love’s abundance is present,
I smile,
To this I promise,
To all I meet,
I exchange and pass life’s blessing.

This post was submitted by Lalitha D Moodley .

A Strong Will

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My life has been hard,
and all my burdens great.
But I regret none of my choices,
I’ve made my own fate.
So take a look at my life,
and judge as you will.
God watches over me,
and cares for me still.
He blessed me with a child,
straight from heaven above.
With a spirit like an angel,
he fills my life with happiness and Love!

But jealously has created the harlots three,
The sloth, the addict, and the liar they be.
Pale skin hides they’re sullied souls,
with bodies like hags faces like ghouls!

Disguised as a friend the first did come,
the slovenly, the cruel, the downright scum!

A mans young life the second did take,
this foul addict, this thief, this snake!

Casting her foul shadow onto our lives,
the last one came using lies like knives!

But they harm only themselves’
with every evil stone they cast.
My foundations laid in brick,
and I have built it to last!

In the end it will be a simple mirror they face,
and see their lives empty, no honor or grace!
They never admit they’re own guilt you see,
but lie as they might they will NEVER be me!

This post was submitted by barbara martin.


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What is this thing?
this feeble object that fills us all?
what is it that is so strong,
yet able to be broken so easily?
what is this tree, with roots of solid rock,
yet limbs of glass and paper?
how is it that this flower, so beautiful,
can be yet so hideous?
how does a creature, so unseen,
appear on the faces of the creatures around it?
fear, love, affection, hate.
How can this single being become multiple, one in many?
how does one color split into a rainbow?
what is this thing?
it is life.

This post was submitted by michael plant.


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When the night was solemn
I sit behind
Thinking of you
As i usually do
Until i heard you saying
Sorry that i keep you waiting
I never thought
There is someone thinking of me too.
Sometimes emptiness makes me everything
Sometimes being simple makes me great and powerful
Sometimes being poor makes me own the treasure and riches of many doors.
Sometimes seeking knowledge makes me fool
Sometimes gaining money makes me poor
Sometimes being loved makes me reckless when i fall
Sometimes being popular makes me nothing at all.
Sometimes when i journey I never seek peace and prosperity
Sometimes when i gained friends I find no one but just an enemy
Sometimes when I’m in trouble I find myself successful
And i find myself on top,when i fall.
Sometimes being sinful Makes me find mercy and forgiveness from my enemy
Sometimes when i cry It makes me brave and strong
Sometimes one day,I would say
It is a long journey for me to travel.

This post was submitted by kendy mae.

Life and Death

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Time passed by like a flash of light
This day is meant for this final fight
If eternal life will surely get
Then I wouldn’t be afraid of this fight between life and death.

The days of life are counted
Time is so short that shouldn’t be wasted
So here I am thinking how my days will spend
Until this life would come to an end.

I asked God for the power and strength
To face this life in its limited length
If God will take this life He lend
Would He open the heaven’s gate so life would extend?

If tomorrow comes I wouldn’t open up my eyes
And if this flesh turns cold like a frozen ice
God please take me to a place called paradise
And I ask for eternal life to be my prize.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

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