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I was alone

DownUp +2

All i did was say
everything i had for her
it surely wasn’t a mistake
then why did it hurt
she was gone
i was alone
was left with nothing
only memories
which hurt and kill
everyday became a burden
forgot to smile
never laughed again
had to ask myself
whats down upon me !!

Its not everyday
that you meet someone special
the cruel world it is
has its own beauty
and i knew she was one
as long as i was with her
she had my world go round
i was the invincible one
seemed i had everything
cared with all for her
just to be with her
but in the end
it was not to be
she was gone
and i was alone.

This post was submitted by mark.

And its all for you

DownUp +3

Sitting here alone in my room,
time for bed i’m dreaming of you.
The things you do to make me smile,
you haven’t done them in a while.

Time passes when i’m alone,
no one there to hug and hold.
The dreams i have are of you and me,
when we met in history.

Can’t you see the time is right,
to make a move or have a fight.
And as you know my love is true,
this little poem i wrote for you.?

This post was submitted by stephany.

Tender Loneliness

DownUp +7

No one hears me for so long
For there are no lyrics in my song
It seems not to matter how I am so loud
Too long I played for a silent crowd
Life was fast , an ominous haze
I stood with my expressionless face
People grow up and realize their fears
I done it alone without shedding a tear
I soon realized that there is a start
When I can let emotion into my heart.

This post was submitted by Paul Dyerson.


DownUp -2

Silence is the only sound I hear.
I only see darkness.
I am screaming on the inside,
but no one listens.
I am screaming on the outside, but no one seems to care.
Why will no one help me?
Is there hope or is there none?
Would someone please stop the earth, and in an instant I’ll be gone.
For silence is the only sound I hear,
I only see darkness.
I’m screaming on the outside, wont someone please hear.
My voice will soon be an echo in your gilt filled minds.
Soon the only sound you hear will be silence and you’ll soon see no light.
I am alone, my voice, a muffled sound.
I’ll walk into the distance, never to be found.

This post was submitted by Mel.

I Walk Alone

DownUp 0

I walk alone, I walk alone
As the cold winter wind slowly moans
No one in this world stays with me
Because life at each moment betrays me.

I love to walk alone in the heavy rain
As no one can see my face in pain
Nobody can see my cry
As I try to wish the world good bye.

So, I walk alone, I walk alone
As the cold winter wind slowly moans.

When I was young, I was an atheist
At that time I sung, it was being realistic
But now, when I realize that God exists
I regret what I practiced.
And now as I walk through this rough path to my way
It feels that God made me pay.

So, I walk alone, I walk alone
As the cold winter wind slowly moans.

This post was submitted by Kaustubh Risodkar.

No more laughs

DownUp +1

One day will be my last and final.
I’m no longer inferior, i’m nobody’s idol.
I have no more resentment, relationships or commitments.
No lips to kiss, nobody to hug.
No more wishes upon the stars above
No more lies or secret’s to hide.
i dont have to be humble, meek, or show my pride.
No more laughs, and no more cry’s.
No more hello’s or bitter sweet goodbye’s.
I won’t have to argue, make-up or reconcile.
No more attitude, cockiness, or gratitude.
It’s just me all alone like on a one way trip that will be my home. Forever !

This post was submitted by lauren.

Heart Break

DownUp +1

I look all around,
You’re gone there’s no sound.
My heart is in solid pain,
You’re no longer mine im going insane.

Here I am on my knees,
Wanting you back begging please.
Being let go you’re the fool,
Baby look at me i need you.

I close my eyes to see your face,
To remember your love your warm embrace.
Can’t you see baby my heart aches,
You left scars causing my heart to break.

This post was submitted by Amanda.

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