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Fight or Die

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For you my foe,
On the end of this night,
My heart’s in your hands,
I can no longer fight,

Look in my eyes,
I have no more fear,
You’ve caused so much pain,
I can’t find a tear.

Whisper your lies,
Tell me I’m right,
I’ll walk away
Without even a fight.

I’ll nod and go on,
Living these lies,
I’ll throw my mask on,
And live in disguise.

From person to person,
It won’t be the same,
Even if they know,
The best part of the game.

So watch as I leave,
As I turn around and see,
The beautiful person,
Who’ll never know me.

This post was submitted by Mike Devenpeck.


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I’m lost
Lost in this world
I’m alone
Alone in this world

I’m a nobody
So no one looks for me
So I will not be found
I will always be lost

Will I ever be found?
Will I always be trapped?
Trapped in this life
Never to be found

I’m lost
Lost in this world
I’m alone
Alone in this world.

This post was submitted by Charlie Night .


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A little girl brought chocolates;
She was praised for it.
When it was gone,
She was left with only the wrappers.

A little boy had new toys;
He was loved for it.
Then another boy had one,
They all disappeared.

A girl had nothing,
But a pure heart to help her friends.
When she needed one,
There was no one.

This post was submitted by Maria Kristina.

Lonely But Beautiful

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I am lonely but beautiful
trusty worthy and studious
a woman with flaws and high protection walls
beautiful and black,how about that

I am lonely that is so true
Why am I lonely ?
Are you?

Educated and faithful
just to name a few
beautiful, lonely, and black ….

What about you?

This post was submitted by April Monique Coleman.


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O wonder if you lonely when you die,
and i wonder if you can feel pain,
i wonder if you can be sad and cry,
and i wonder how many people go insane
but i will ask them one day,
just to see what they say,
i wonder if they say its the life,
or if they say its to much strife
but the day i ask them i wont wonder
just bcoz that days near, and i cant wait.

This post was submitted by shontara sarah gale.


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I have felt rejection
And pain that never goes
I’ve endured the worst of cruelty
And shame that never shows

I’ve taken all the outbursts
Without the chance to speak
Reduced to tiny pieces
Because someone else was weak

I’ve been left alone to lick my wounds
No privacy to weep
And for the chance of happiness
My silence I must keep

It is a burden I must shoulder
And never try to share
Because when I really needed love
I found it was not there.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.

Alone in the Dark

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Just lying here in the Dark
tears away my lonely Heart
for I am one just lost soul
awaiting the sun to awake my Home

I think of all these Nights to come
and dread the day when it is done
why carry on with this lonely Heart
lets make an End and begin a new start

I know just yet it will not stop
so whats my choice believe it or not
just to lye here in the Dark
and face my Life when it is so Hard.

This post was submitted by Edge.

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