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The One North Star

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A star so bright beats the pale moonlight

Numerous twinkling lights, they stay side by side

Seemed so far, she’s so bright the one North Star

Such majestic beings, stays among the mere living

When the night fades, the sun takes off his shades

Disappearing into thin air, hiding inside your lair

I know you’re there, but making the sky so bare

Hidden in the light, invisible in plain sight

Leaving me astray, in this gloomy day

You made me so feel so vulnerable

You made me unable

You stripped me off my label

You made me unstable

You left me go unhandled

However when the night comes, and when the sun hides

My shame was dumped; I rose with all my might

“Dear love North Star, why thy so far”

She shines so bright, a message within the light

‘Cheer up, my love, you need’nt sigh

There’s a good time coming, by and bye.’

This post was submitted by Alvin.

Forever Lonely

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Lonely in days when I miss you.
as now it is forever as you left me forever.
Tears of sorrow filled my heart and soul
as you left me without saying a word.
Forever in darkness you left me
I wished you would be back,
to bring me from darkness to light.
But those days were just like a dream
which never would come true.
Now that I understand
friendship is just a hi when we meet
and a goodbye when we leave.
Forever lonely in this world
living in your memories.

This post was submitted by Alina Lee.

A Life So Lonely

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Here i stand,
Here i am,
Yet no one else,
Seems to be here,
I am so lonely,
I make no sound,

So here i stand,
So here i am,
The silence so crooked,
I am so broken,
No one dear bother,
With this wretched soul,

I alone am just barley breathing,
So i seem to be suffocating,
I tried so hard to live this life,
I was just only…Living my life so lonely,

Barley breathing,
Slowly suffocating,
Crooked silence,
So broken,
Completely alone,
I only…Just only…. And with my body so cold..
I just barley live this life so lonely.

This post was submitted by Elain.D.

Why is it like this?

DownUp -1

As I stand here
watching life pass
you stand there
and don’t even ask
why i am all alone
in a world full of people
you don’t understand
that i am not treated equal.


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Sitting in your floor,
looking at the door.
wondering why,
you had to say goodbye.
tears slowly ran down my face,
feeling such disgrace.
you took your hand and wiped away my tears,
and said its okay have no fears.
i looked at you and smiled,
you said your warmth was here for awhile.
oh how i feel so free,
your just right beside me.

This post was submitted by jessica.

Why Am I So Alone………

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Why am I so alone?

When I hear you as a far strong melody

Life so beautiful in your presence

I feel secure in your memories

Pleasantly enjoying the moment

Fears and mere ghostly fears

Afraid of the present

Sinking close into oblivion

Halting, pausing moments

Makes me glad everything you do

I dip myself alone

Actions you do depress

Still, with love I seek

Moments next with me,

Awaiting anxious to share

Sweet moment’s sweet memories

Here and there after.

This post was submitted by Vinutha HM.

The Mist

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Round the corner open your eyes
Trying to see through the mist
Realizing there’s nothing there
Only the mist is here
Only the mist is here
Why try seeing whose there
Don’t bother wasting your breath
Just keep walking ahead because,
Only the mist is here
Only the mist is here
Feel the eyes of those not seen
Try to touch the foggy mist ’cause
Only the mist is here
Only the mist is here
Wake up from that terrible dream
Heart thumping widely
Realizing there are people there
Not only the mist is here
Not only the mist is here.

This post was submitted by Emily.

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