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When I Miss U

DownUp +2

I stare out of my window hoping you will be there knocking like you did before
Waiting for me to open the door
Sweep me away on your angel like smile
Hold me tight even if it is only for a while

When I miss you I make up stories in my mind of you coming back
together the two of us making the perfect melody
You tell me you never wanted to leave
Me and my stupid fantasies

When I miss you I wonder, why do I love you
when you made me cry?
Then I look back and I remember when
you held me and helped forget

When I miss you I listen to our song
Before I know it I’m singing along
The entire songs lyric’s roll over my lips
Then I miss you again

I will keep you in my heart for a long time
There we will never be apart
I miss you here in my life
I wish you could see me and help me shine

When I miss you I try to forget I once loved you
Don’t want to regret
Losing someone better then you
When I missing you too much

This post was submitted by Anika de kok .

A past feeling….

DownUp 0

On the cold floor..
she laid-up
with a heart totally crushed,
body which was alive
still had no soul….

and her eyes looked still
as it tried to find love somewhere….

This post was submitted by Pradnya Mahajan..

Rythmn Of Rain…Rythnm Of Life……

DownUp 0

Skies Are Crying
In The Loneliness Of mine
I went and caught the teardrops of the Sky
When It stopped
There Was Only Silence
That Left Me Alone
And Alone…
Just Like The Wind Takes Away,,,,
In The Journey Called Life
People Take my Beloveds Away…
I beg You Life to Take me away
I beg You to Take everything I Have
and I beg You Not To Take Away My Beloveds
Just Like The Rain That Takes Away Things From One Place To Another
Take Me away Thinking That i am Made Of Paper
and Teardrops Of the Sky….

This post was submitted by Renesmee.


DownUp 0

Music is My Savior,
My Knight in Shinning Armor
The The One Thign That Keeps Me Sane
Without it I Would Go Insane
Without it My Mind Would Be Lost
In a Dark Abyss of Lonliness
They’ll Never Take Me Through the Dust

THe Angle are Screaming Down
As They Hear My Voice
While The Spirits Have a Frown
There is One Way That is My Choice

As This Spike Goes Through My heart
Music is Still Beating in My Mind
This is How I Express My Art
As if I Was Blind

When This Funeral Ends
We’re Going to Have a Bash
Just for Our Friends
After They Crash

Getting Killedin My Sleep
Is My Gratest Fear
Once I Hear That Beep
I Know I’m In For a Dare

So as Music Expresses My Life
I Sit Here Alone
With This Knife
To The Bone

This post was submitted by Nikki-Dee.

The Stranger

DownUp 0

The stranger that Iam
To you, to this whole world
The realization sunk into me
Dragging me into the depth of loneliness
Where did I lose everything?
But then, when did I have anything?
Life seems to be a mirage
And, I, the real puppet
Fighting to find a voice…
Uncertainty, which dominated my life
Seemed to rip away, even the meager pleasured
If ever, I had any…
Love they say makes the world go round
But love, I say gives only pain and wound
The silent tears, the frustrated despair
Makes me dread away from love…
Memories, dangerous beings they indeed are
Evokes in me a lust for more
But, why should I ever yearn for more?
When al I ever had is nothing…
Alien to my own thoughts, my own self
I seem to exist lifelessly
Happiness, I feel is an illusion
But then, so is my life…

This post was submitted by niyathi.

About Myself

DownUp +1

maybe its coming together
maybe its fallin apart
maybe im lying to myself
but at least this lie makes it easy
easy to feel how i feel inside
at least with this lie i dont cry
ive been telling this lie for so long
i cant remember if it really me
but i’ll keep lying
so i dont have to face the truth
how im perfect for you
but there are no perfect lies
ones to hide an imperfect life

This post was submitted by Madison Mohr.

I feel like a caged bird

DownUp +2

I feel like a caged bird waiting to be freed
Living in a world where people are not what they seem
Not knowing not caring what to do anymore just lonely
And all that I have is a book in my hand
Nothing else I hold so dear
Just wishing you would be near
If only for a little bit only for a while
Then what you might see is my smile.

This post was submitted by punk rocker chic.

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