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Lost and Lonely

DownUp +38

My mind is lost and my heart is all alone,
Tears fill in my eyes and so my soul mourns.
Like the wind that blows, the dunes of sand,
Get my love, to hold my hand.

My heart feels alone in the sea of heads,
Without love a throne of roses seems a thorny bed.
Her voice rings in my head, to show me way to peace,
But she seems somewhere locked and I’ve got to find the keys.

Without her presence, I feel broken and down,
And my home looks deserted without her sound.
Close to my heart but far away from my mind,
For sure, my girl, you are one of your kind.

My years are gone and my days are few,
Completely lost and lonely in a life without you.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.

Life without you

DownUp +15

Life without you, oh my dear,
Is a long punishment, severe.
With moist eyes and a broken heart,
Every passing moment pricks me like a dart.

Remember those days under the sun,
Life was just joy and fun.
Now that very far away you’ve gone,
Leaving me behind just alone.

Please come back I beg of you,
We’ll start our lives fresh and new.
With as much love as the ocean’s depth,
And continue our story from where we left.

So please come back as the morning dew,
As nothing is left for me in a life without you.

This post was submitted by Dinesh K.


DownUp +8

When I am feeling lonely, I
Feel thrown away
Locked in a damp, cold dark closet,
I see all gray
Now… I can’t get out
Shot down by others
Pushed way off the earth
Scared, little bitty, standing in your hand
Looked down on
Scales, what does it weigh?
If only I can run fast and far away
You shot me once more,
But this time it’s deep in my chest
A needle, feed me
I think I need more
All I see is lost hope
A deep hole with red dirt
My vain is full
Fix it fix it
I need to get back
I think I am stuck
Its such a lonely lonely day
The trains, they roar
This tunnel is getting longer
I see no light
The walls are melting Life, love
My head is spinning like a crazy top
Make it stop
Understanding no more
Gun? Will they come and save me
It won’t hurt
………….Silence that’s all
Big bang
One red puddle is all that’s left this lonely day.

This post was submitted by Mary Urick.


DownUp +11

I miss the times when we spent so many days together,
The butterflies I would get in my stomach when we saw each other,
Before I even knew it I was in love with you,
Thought it was the best feeling too,
I miss the times we had,
I’m sitting here feeling so sad,
I just feel so lonely,
Love hurts if I’d known if only . .

This post was submitted by Keena.

I’m with you

DownUp +26

A lonely heart…
When I lost my hope,
When I missed all my happiness,
When I crumbled like a rotten wood,
When gasped in the deep depth of an ocean,
When I felt my life’s almost over,
When departures knocked me down,
When failures crushed me down,
When miseries flowed like a river,
When others pierced me with poisoned arrow,
when my heart failed to hold my grieves,
I heard a voice saying ‘I’m with you’,
Yes!!!The almighty strengthened me
Else, I would’ve disappeared away,
Lying in the deep depths of the earth,
and my soul wandering somewhere!!!

Cibiya Johnson

This post was submitted by Cibiya Johnson.

Sleepless Nights

DownUp +19

I lay in this bed
Unable to sleep
Lonely thoughts and memories
Slowly my eyes begin to weep
I think about how I got here
It’s a night that I regret
I toss and turn for hours
Leaving my sheets damp from cold sweat
And I can hear all your warnings
Its an echo inside my mind
If only I could flip over the hourglass
And turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t be in this position
Never would have crossed that line
Instead I’d be with you….
Sipping on our life slowly
Like everyday was the finest of wine
I’d hold precious moments
Live each day like its our last
But instead I’m laying in this bed….
Thinking about memories that have passed.

This post was submitted by Krystal Crump from New Jersey.


DownUp +35

I need to stop !
I wanna smile again and be with my friends
I know it sounds childish ,
But inside I am …
Only a child ,
I’m just a little girl,
The one who’s dreams come true,
The one who would hold you close,
Only if I had a friend…
I wouldn’t cut my wrist ,
Scars come open wide
I wouldn’t want to quit ,
Life is priceless…
I wouldn’t feel so down ,
Tears draw down my worthless face ,
Head tilted slithered in the waist ,
Now you get my point …
It’s the only voice I got !

This post was submitted by Quanashia.

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