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Your Name

DownUp +11

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.

I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.

I wrote your name in my heart
and forever it will stay.

This post was submitted by Chastidy Staggs.

A hint of his sin

DownUp +2

I long for his touch
the sent of his skin
the brush of his lips
a hint of his sin.
I crave for that look he gave me once before
The sound of his voice makes me shake to my core.
I pray for the day when he holds me again
kisses me lightly & gives me goose bumps on my skin.
I don’t expect you to love me or to even care,
I just want you to know i will always be there!

This post was submitted by pauline page.

For the one i loved

DownUp +4

What i gonna do just to be with you
all the happiness that i just found in you
all the smile, hope you’d bring
always stays inside of me..
and now that you’re gone so far
hoping someday we’ll be together
an endless night to stay with you forever..

This post was submitted by shiela vallejos.

Love or something like it…

DownUp 0

When you’re not there i think of you,
When i think i want more of you,
When patience is overwhelming and difficult i close my eyes and picture you,
When nothing else works i come and talk to you,
As words come to my lips i tremble,but as your words lightly pour out i feel comforted,
And so, i ask myself why is this?
The heart answers…..”I Love You”

This post was submitted by Mia.

Those in love

DownUp +1

how divine love so tastes like wine
the more you get the more you crave
every minute and every hour shall love devour
the warmth the tender care is loves ware
will those in love want to share or be aware
that all things bright do fear the loss of light
a hand full of sand or a drop of ocean
those in love will better know
how love will flourish and stronger grow
and this that comes from broken heart
for all to know that love can never restart
so those in love its just okay to be in love just for the day

This post was submitted by sayeeda.

Confession of love

DownUp +2

Beneath this simple but logical phrases
Reveals the truth for this love i confess
for the reason i live because of you
that i will remain and always be true

You gave me the strength to full fill my dreams
to face any challenges how hard it may seem
you gave me the will to for give and forget
the wrong that was done the mistakes i have kept…

you gave me the sight to see through the light
and that I’m sure you have changed my life
hearing you seeing you is all that i want how much more if you hold my hand?..

from the time i wake up until the end of the day
i think of you every night i pray
for the safety of the one i truly cared for..
the one i love and want to be with someday

Love and loyalty to you i bestow even this life of mine i owe
why can’t you believe the truth of this affection
why? can;t you stay why? do you need to go

You might say I’m so naive
but deep in my heart in this words i believe
I swear to the truthfulness of heaven above this poem I dedicated to the one i truly love..

This post was submitted by gwinne.

So Close

DownUp 0

You’re so close to my heart,
So real in my life.
Yet you’re so far
Far away from me
From my every day

I think of you
And my heart beats faster,
My skin gets “goose bumps”
And my whole body screams your name

You’re so close that
When I think of you…
I think of God’s beauty
Oh! How wonderful is he…
He created you!

He created you for me
To show he’s love through you
To show me how much he cares
He is the connection between you and me
The love shared!

No matter how far
No matter how long
We will always be together
And we’ll share the same heart

The heart of God!

This post was submitted by Socorro.

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