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My Love

DownUp +2

My love sails on blue waters.
Blue waters of your heart.
My love dances on the wind.
The wind of your soul.

My love is a true reflection.
Reflection of your eyes.
My love will live forever.
In your body and soul.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

I Saw Him

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I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
No one could be as perfect,
No one else would ever do.

His eyes,
With their Robin’s egg hue,
Melted my heart,
And broke it in two.

I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
His eyes were the only eyes
That I would ever want to stare into.

His hands,
Feel so new,
It warms up me inside,
Nothing’s ever been so true.

I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
His smile was the only smile
That would ever make me smile too.

His voice,
Is sweet like morning dew,
It fills my head,
And any other thoughts are few.

I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
His voice would make me happiest,
On the day that he said “I love you.”

I saw him,
And that’s when I knew,
That I could never have him,
And all I can do is wish that it weren’t true.

This post was submitted by Bethany.

My Love

DownUp -1

My Love for you is so real,
Its just too bad you don know how I feel.
Sometimes I feel like we belong together,
I’ll even be with you through horrible weather.
I’m in love with you, as you can see,
But I have one question?
Do you love me!?
Your my one and only and there is nothing wrong with that,
So please don’t use me over and over like a doormat.
When I’m in your arms the whole world stops,
And every time I see you I feel my heart drop.
When I’m away from you I just cant take it,
So when we get together your lap is where I sit.
Its so sad how you want a girl just for pleasure,
When you got a girl right in front of you worth more than treasure.
I might not give you pleasure but I can sure give you love,
Funny, Crazy, Gorgeous, honey! I’m all the above!
You always make me laugh and you always make me smile,
For you, ill run a distance maybe even a mile.
Some days I wanna kill you and some days I wanna marry you,
But that doesn’t matter cause “My Love” will NEVER end for you!

This post was submitted by Maranda Hunter.

A Wish

DownUp +1

I lay in the grass with you,
looking at the endless night sky.
Millions of stars and one moon,
staring down at us.
You point up and say
“A shooting star! Make a wish”
You close your eyes tightly,
and make one.
I think and think,
then finally I get an idea.
“I wish this moment would last forever.”
I think to myself.
I look at you,
and I know.
We had wished the same thing.

This post was submitted by Madye.

I Need You

DownUp +1

I need a pencil to sketch
my lone boundary,
a lace to hide
the monster in ‘this case’
a mirror to reflect
a perfect image
from two broken lines
of a faded being.

I need glasses to focus
my sinful path
and let I see the ditches
in this foiled jungle,
let I draw a figure
out from a colored blue
and shade it some grays.

I need a threshold to the gate
to enter me into scanned
systems on the lonely road
and pass as I would pass,
out my fray-greyed day.

I need you.

This post was submitted by Salamu Bakili.

Meeting you

DownUp +1

Meeting you saved my life
Even though I’m now your wife
When you saw me shed those tears
You knew it was from fear
The fear of having to look back
Having courage is where I slack
You helped me get through my past
I’m so happy we did last
We both went through tough times
But at our wedding I heard the chimes
You help me up when I was down
You helped me forget that awful day when I was in town,
All I want to say is I’m glad I met you
And that I’m so madly in love with you!

This post was submitted by cheese94.

This Lost Love

DownUp +1

This lost love is killing me inside
Within this lost life, I have nowhere to hide
It’s over now I need to accept it
But I cant help but feel like sh*t
I have drank in the city streets and yet
I keep going back to the place we met
The memories are flooding back to me
But all my pain I know you cannot see
Or do you even care how I tried to take my life
You may not know it but I wanted you to be my wife
As I lay there with blood gushing from each wrist
I think about you and how I never missed
Every chance to make you smile
Cheer you up when you were sad once in a while
The days I spent holding you in my arms
Making sure you never came to harm
All I wanted to do was make you feel loved
Every feeling you had I never shoved
Away from our relationship and time together
I wanted us to last forever
But I know now that will never come to be
All you can do is say you loved me
My heart is now snapped in two
Because of this lost love of me and you…

This post was submitted by Stuart S.

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