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You and me

DownUp +2

Its how you twinkle in the light
that’s what makes me feel so bright
every time I see you smile
it will make me think a while
Your eyes are bright and your smiles divine
if you were here,you’d be all mine
its raining and pouring
I feel us both exploring
but i am here and you are there
the love between, is very rare
If i had one day, to forget the rest
it would only feel right if i made it the best
so come have fun, just you and I
We’ll fly kites upon the sky
its done and over the day has ended
as though i feel that someone pretended
its not you, and isn’t I
it my imagination wanting to fly
so when push comes to shove
no one comes between our love

This post was submitted by travisty.

Addicted to You

DownUp +3

I can’t stay without you, I need you so much.
Never one second without you, I’m longing for your touch.
Just one look at you, it’s the best thing I can get.
A second gaze at you, I feel it but yet,
Your indifference is stabbing me slowly, really slow.
I can’t get it, did you really have to teat me so?
You will always live buried in my head,
And never will my love for you be shed
Away. You will always be near,
Because near you my heart will never fear
The cold nights at home, alone.
The sense of life is gone.

This post was submitted by Mervet Ziane.

Will It Fade?

DownUp +2

A long time ago, I came towards you.
A long time ago, you just backed away.
From there on, my feeling is forever new,
Unfading… For eternity it will stay.

One gaze at you, music surrounds me.
One gaze at you, I ask no more.
For once, stay near and let it be,
By suffering, my heart will close its door.

There you are, sweetest of sweets.
There you are, mysterious as the sea.
You are the reason my heart beats,
You are the one, with a stressed ‘the’.

A long time ago, I came towards you.
A long time ago, you just backed away.
From there on, what should I do,
To make my life face a better day?

This post was submitted by Mervet Ziane.

Perfection In Every Way

DownUp 0

She is more stunning
Than any work of art
She has eyes that glimmer
Brighter than any star
She has hair
More gorgeous than the sunset
Her laugh is worth more than any
Diamond or piece of gold
Her beauty cannot be captured
By any means possible
It is bound within her
Forever to be my gift
When I see her
She takes my breath away
I am living, breathing, waiting
Just for her
Trying so hard
To hear that laugh
Working harder
Just to impress
Music is playing
When I see her face
Elegant and wondrous
She mystifies me daily
She has been sent as an angel
From high above
She must have been sculpted by gods
For she is perfect in every way
Trying to be patient
But I cannot wait
Imagining the day when
You will be mine
Forever to hold.

This post was submitted by Matthew.

It’s You

DownUp +1

It runs through my veins
It claims my life
It’s cut me deep
Yet its no knife

It’s in my nightmares
Yet still in my dreams
It’s the cause of my laughter
But still the cause of my screams

It used to cause joy
It could make the world halt
Yet now it causes suffering
But there is no one at fault

It’s your love in my veins
It’s your face in my dreams
It’s your presence that causes joy

This post was submitted by Nick Mckinley.

My Patient Journey

DownUp +1

Although my path is dark and cold,
I know my life is meant to be bold,
My days begin with so much heart break,
but I must hide the pain for the little ones sake,
My faith tells me he will some day be near,
I will just be patient and wait right here.

Another day comes and light peeks through,
I’m beginning to think this is a start of something new,
The pain in my heart is starting to fade,
I have faith its due to the decisions I’ve made,
My faith tells me he will some day be near,
I will just be patient and wait right here.

A year has passed and the darkness has faded,
I no longer feel that my heart is damaged or jaded,
I have turned the pain into a warm feeling inside,
In comes my new life with the days late tide,
My faith never failed me for he is now near,
My patience paid off and he will soon be here.

This post was submitted by Emma Herreros.

The way…

DownUp +1

the way he moves;
the way he smiles;i want him…
more than i should.

the way he laughs,
the way walks,
i need him…
more than i want to.

the way he talks,
the way he smells,
i love him more than i need to.

This post was submitted by big red bubblehead.

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