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Only You

DownUp +1

I long for the day that you’ll be mine,
Your every kiss, touch and smile,
Again and again i tell myself,
That you belong to me and no one else.

Although we haven’t been friends for so long,
I think its time we become one,
You know, you’re for me and I am for you,
So I’ll prove my love for you,
Not through letters, notes or songs,
But through my arms where you belong…

This post was submitted by Richard.

I want you

DownUp +1

I want you more than you’ll ever know.
when i see you smile,
I feel my heart,
skip a beat,
I feel a smile creep to my face,
I feel like every thing is right,
for once in my life,
I forget everything that is wrong,
I forget how life is at home,
all i want is you here next to me,
for the rest of my life,
I want you,
but the question is do you want me?

This post was submitted by Serena.

Only a little while

DownUp +1

I know we’ve only
known each other for
a little while but your
the one who really
makes me smile.
It could be the way you hold me
close, look into my eye’s and tell me
a funny joke, or the way you know exactly what to say and
every time I’m lonely you find a way to hold me.

This post was submitted by Rachel <3.

The few moments of Love

DownUp +1

Sitting. Watching. Waiting
He was opposite me
Every few seconds his eyes glazed past mine
Seeing the pain in my eyes
And the hurt in his
I turned my head
I knew this was life
It was reality
Every second was either one of hurt or love
Seconds of love were fewer
Moments of hurt were mostly all I knew
But still every time our eyes met
I knew that everyone feels pain
But my eyes meeting his was one of the few
The few moments of Love

This post was submitted by Allie.

Three words

DownUp +3

A little boy and little girl
Are Sitting by a stream
Talking , listening
About what they
want to dream

The boy turned round as
He blushed in the face
Looking at her , and
Slowing in pace

“I love you” he says
About to turn blue
The girl stares around him
and says “well I love you too”

Walking very proudly
Never feeling more alive
It’s cute I tell you
Wait till they turn five.

This post was submitted by lisa.

Forever I Will Wait

DownUp +1

I want to see you more and more,
Why can’t you just walk through that door?
I want to see you everyday,
I know there is only one way.
I have to be patient for you,
For you make me feel brand new.
I cannot believe you can’t see us now,
All I ever think is how?
Forever it will be,
And one day you will see.
My love has been true from day one,
I will wait for you to come.

This post was submitted by Grace.

But You Care For Her

DownUp +3

As I Sleep Alone At Night,
I Wish I Was With You,
I Wish You Were Here With Me,
I Wish You Could Truly Be Mine Its Alright.

You Are Mine My One And Only,
As I Sleep Alone At Night,
I Wonder Where You Are,
What You Are Doing And Who With,
I Wish I Was The One That You Care For
But You Care For Her.

And You Will Never Feel The Same Way About Me
As You Do For Her.

This post was submitted by Joele.

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