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How will you know?

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I have told you many time that I love you,
But you didn’t want to hear.
I try to kiss and hold you when you are near,
But you would push me aside like you just don’t care
What can I do to make you aware?
Do I have to stare to let you know I am there?
Why do you not open your heart, mind, and soul?
I have been here always and waiting for you
so we can be a whole.

This post was submitted by Ahliza Wong.

My love for you will always be there

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From the bottom of my heart this is for you
Everything that happens, i know we’ll get through
I want you to know when there’s grey in our hair
My love for you will always be there

You don’t have to wonder if things will work out
Just go where life takes you and forget all doubt
You are my world and with that i share
My love for you will always be there

For me, no one else but you will make life
I await the day i become your wife
and know you are always within my prayer
It’s my love for you that will always be there

So listen and don’t worry, know you’re always mine
don’t fear the future, i know it will be fine
I know this all because we make the perfect pair
and I know this al because my love is always there

This post was submitted by Whitney Podhradsky.

In My Heart

DownUp +2

If I could choose a place to stay,
Forever in your arms,
It would to be a place of warmth,
That mirrors your inner charm,
A beauty much alike your own,
Enough to hinder time,
A gentle breeze to sooth the soul,
To send chills up your spine,
Though I could go on… of this perfect place,
That could cause ten kings to kneel,
No place, or words, or fancy gestures,
Could show you how I feel.

High atop a mountain’s peak,
Or stranded in a storm,
Our love will always show us how,
To keep each other warm,
Through times when life seems like a dream,
You can coast through without care,
To times when darkness fills your mind,
And life gives you a scare,
I’ll never leave you stranded no,
I’ll never leave you to be alone,
Through good and bad I’ll lift you up,
Return you to your home.

So you see it is quite simple,
This thing called you and I,
It means I am forever yours,
And you’re forever mine.

So it wouldn’t matter where we were,
As long as we’re not apart,
I’ll always keep you close to me,
And eternally in my heart…

This post was submitted by Jesse R..

Love is going through thick and thin

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Love is the center of a deep red rose,
Love is the bruise that never goes,
Love is the feeling your 2 in 1,
Love is the pain when they are gone.

Love is the footsteps after you walk,
Love is the voice behind your talk,
Love is knowing that they will be there,
When everything seems hard to bare.

Love is going through thick and thin,
Love is knowing together you will win.

Love is the wings on a fragile bird,
Love is sharing happy moments, you’ve both seen and heard.

This post was submitted by soph.

For you

DownUp +1

For you I give you my best.
For you I can forget the rest
For you my love is true.
For you during hard times

I’ll see you through.
You brighten my day and make me feel good.
When I’m down, with you, I’m understood.
So in the best way possible
I’ll show how much I care,

An every part of my life,
With you I want to share
Don’t let anything keep us apart.
And we’ll never break one another’s heart

Because all this love
Is waiting and is true
And all these beautiful
thoughts are only…
For You.

This post was submitted by Sandra Wood.

True Love Never Fades

DownUp +3

Theres this one kinda love
I’ll always want to be in
the kind that started out slowly
and we ended up more than just friends

Every second of every day
you’re always on your mind
I’ll never want to lose the best thing
that was just so hard to find

Your smile lights up my day
and your laugh is always good to hear
If things will just get better and i could have you in my arms again
I wont have to worry about crying another tear

Theres not much i can do or not much i can say
but i hope that in the end everything will be okay
everyday i miss you and love you more and more
I just wish for things to be the same again just like they were before

I’d give you one more chance just to prove how much i love you
and erase all the things that we’ve already been through
They haven’t been good nor they haven’t been all that bad
its just i don’t want to lose the best thing I’ve ever had.

This post was submitted by Brittany Martin.

I Love You

DownUp +5

If I had a thousand pages,
I could never name them all,
the reasons that I like you,
for the list would be too tall.

I love you for the melody,
I hear within your voice.
The way your eyes hold me,
A captive, but by choice.

I love you for your gentle hands,
that melt away my pain.
I love you for your loving heart,
That made mine beat again.

I love you for your sweetest smile,
With which my old heart soars.
These are some of the reasons,
Every single beat is yours

This post was submitted by Ian.

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