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My feelings are so real

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Someone who guards me, someone by my side
All through the day and all through the night.
Someone who’s very dear to my heart,
Someone who I know will never part.
I know there won’t be tears, there will only be smiles,
Our love for each other just piles and piles.
My feelings are so real and will only get
better, I know this feeling shall last forever.
Whenever i need him he is always there
daylight or dark night, no matter where.
Now i know that true feelings won’t die even
when the good or the bad times pass by.

This post was submitted by grozda.

You are the one

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Sometimes i feel as though you cannot see me,
you act so confident but me so differently,
I can’t express the way i feel,
in fear that you won’t feel the same,
so because of this i must conceal,
all the love i have for you,
its makes my heart twist and ache,
for goodness sake!

You stole my heart without permission,
now i ask you to listen,
listen to this poem,
listen to my heart,
I ensure it won’t fall apart,
just as long as you find a way to love me,
a way to hear me,
a way to finally understand me,
Can’t you see?
you are the one,
my one and only,
no-one can measure up to you,
you’re kind, caring,
and more so true,

This is what i have for you,
yeah this poem,
it pretty much sums it up,
this is the way i sometimes feel

This post was submitted by Janice Nacu.

The way she looks at me

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The way she looks at me is precious
When she runs her soft fingers through my hair is amazing
She is my heart and my soul. but why can’t she see that?
Is it something I’m saying? or something I’m doing?
Please let me in and let me know what’s on your mind.
I try to talk to to her but i get no where.
I don’t want to lose her but what do i do?
Do I let go? Do i stay around? What do i do?
Please let me know. I’m going crazy, I love you more than anything.
Just let me in and tell me what I should do.

This post was submitted by courtany wheeler.

Footprints in heart

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When i said i loved you i wasn’t kidding,
when i said i need you it was true
You said you loved me and walked away,
you said you needed me and found someone else.
many people will walk in and out of your life,
and leave footprints in your heart.
When they leave they’ll regret every last second

This post was submitted by Amberly.

How she is to my eyes

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Sweet as the stars
Rose to my eyes
A butterfly
with wings so fragile
so beautiful to sight,
Dew in the meadows
so fresh and true,
That is how she is to my eyes
The love of my life.

This post was submitted by aal.

Why can’t you see, I love you

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I know I’ve done you wrong
and I’ve hurt you in the past
but I’m looking for the right one
and I know that we could last
and now I’m a little confused
because I have been misused
I now you wouldn’t do that to me
oh baby why cant you see,
I love you …!

This post was submitted by julie.

Trust, It’ll be Okay

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Day to day
Taking life in
Now, she’s with him.

Assuming the best-
Nothing was said
Were they misread?

Putting the pressure on-
There’s no more control
Doing what I’m told

Feeling the threat
To something so sacred
Pushing away all hatred

Hiding from the things in life-
Pulling away from her sweet one
Not knowing what she has done

Slowly shattering-
Though he remains strong
We’ve been apart for too long

Not ready for a change-
Falling apart inside and out
Feeding from the pool of doubt

Running into his arms-
Letting the tears flow free
‘Just stay and hold me.’

Trying to surrender-
Sinking in dismay
He whispers: ‘Trust, it’ll be okay.’

This post was submitted by Ashley.

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