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The first time

DownUp +1

I looked at you for the first time,
I fell in love with you for the first time,
I fell in love with you again,
I fell in love with you the third time,
Than I realized I wanted to be with you forever,
Until the end of time and space.

This post was submitted by Brandon Ressel.

Without you I’m alone

DownUp +17

I know you’re always there,
When no one seems to care.
Without you I’m alone,
With you my life go on.

Thank you for making me smile,
Although at times you’re making me cry.
You added into my life so much happiness,
And thank you for taking away all my sadness.

I need you for all time,
I want you to be forever mine.
I wish you were here day and night,
You’re my life,

I’m sorry for treating you so bad,
Please don’t get mad.
Doubting you more often isn’t right,
But I promise I’m swallowing my pride.

I love you because you’re being true,
And you complete my whole life through.
You appreciate every little thing I do,
And the most important is you love me too.

This post was submitted by leah.

You make me smile

DownUp +4

what to say about you.
hmm. You make me smile.
You make me laugh.
You know everything about me.
We’re complete opposites.
but at the same time,
exactly alike.
and absolutely perfect for each other.
I cant describe it.
this feeling’s so true.
I think its called love?
I love you

This post was submitted by ashley:].

I love you…Forever

DownUp +8

I don’t know how our love had started
I don’t know how your charm on me haunted
I can’t say it’s love at first sight
Cause frankly, to fall for you, I do not like

But my feelings suddenly had changed
In my mind you always remain
I don’t know why I don’t know how
But in love again, I think I am bound

So I let my feelings show
And wrote a letter to let you know
I am not afraid of what you’d say
At least I said, I have tried my way

Then I had known you love me too from the start
And you’ve done your part to win my heart
You even turn your back to someone and forget
The one I knew who owns you with no regret

And we both entered into romance
That somehow I dreamed of once
Though sometimes trials gets in our way
Our love will guide and show the way

From the moment we have said “I LOVE YOU”
There’s a path of life together we’ll journey through
And thought it may be long and winding
The love between us will keep us standing

I can’t help reminiscing our sweet memories
Your being part of me I will always cherish
And now those years to us had passed
Still, we pray for love to last

I thank God for giving you
And I thank you for loving me too
To forget you, I will never
Near, far, I will always remember

“I LOVE YOU” the words I will say forever
Believe me there will be no other
I love you and I will always will until the last
And only death could bring us apart
I love you…

This post was submitted by Glay Soriano Briones.

You were only a dream

DownUp +2

At night when I dream,
You are all I dream about,
The guy I want,and hope you are,

The one thats meant for me,
No matter how hard I dream,
No matter how much I want you to be,

Every morning when I wake up,
I realize that you were only a dream,
and that it was never meant to be.

This post was submitted by Brooke.

Love – Just a Word

DownUp +3

Just a word,
Only a word,

Could mean something,
Could mean anything,
Until that one day,

You find that one person,
That makes that one word,
mean more to you than anything.

This post was submitted by Brooke.

He loves me not

DownUp +6

He loves me, he loves me not
for him to leave would take all I’ve got
I try to be patient while i silently plea
cos he’s the one who means the world to me
as all the petals take their shot
the last petal falls….he loves me not

This post was submitted by Bridget.

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