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Give me a place in your heartland

DownUp +3

I was never so lost…
that anything i do,
I can’t stop myself thinking about you.

I gazed at you when the first time we met…
I couldn’t sleep that night till the clock in the morning struck nine,
praying-‘please God, make thou mine’.

I can’t forget the days we spent together
My eyes were on before time, i don’t know why,
now as those have passed, i only cry.

Whenever we come across
A hope rots that you’ll at least say hi,
but that’s broken in two pieces, as you pass by.

I wish
a day will come when you’ll understand,
and give me a place in your heartland.

(The question still remains unanswered…)

This post was submitted by Aman.

I May Love You

DownUp +3

I see your smile,
My butterflies awake.
The twinkle in your eye,
How do I forsake?

How I do wish I was of older age,
Although me and you aren’t impossible,
If only you could see what’s going on inside,
If only I could send a signal.

I think it’s hard,
For anyone to feel for you the way I do.
My heart skips a beat,
When I’m in contact with you.

There’s a slender tone to your voice,
I hear the echo’s throughout.
My feeling grow stronger every day,
But whereas yours I truly doubt.

If only you knew,
The love I long to give.
The true feelings I go through,
Could I ever outlive?

I long deep affection,
I’m fired with intense feeling.
Without the threat of utter let down,
I would be more revealing.

Is this love?
Or just a silly crush.
The feelings inside,
How I do care so much.

People think I’m stupid,
But I know this thing is true.
If only I could say this to your face,
The fact I may love you…..

This post was submitted by Sally Ann.

More than a touch!

DownUp +3

Babe, its more than a touch
I never knew so little could mean so much.
As I’m holding your hand,
My heart is racing
and the little things you say keep me pacing.
I Never want this feeling to fade,
because with you baby i got it made.
I love you with all my heart and it might not be so smart,
but there is not a doubt in my mind that you can’t be mine.
I think throughout time you will see
its more than a touch that gets me feeling so much!

This post was submitted by Rachel <3.

The feeling you can’t describe

DownUp +4

Is it possible to describe a feeling?
A feeling of love and desire,
Passion and perfection,
Wrapped up in the beauty of words.

Is it possible to describe a feeling?
A feeling of happiness and wholeness,
Thrill and excitement,
That only that one girl makes you feel.

Is it possible to describe that girl?
That your feelings are so strong for,
That texts and song lyrics,
Never touch the feeling inside your heart.

Is it possible to describe those beautiful eyes?
That you can stare into all day,
Deep and meaningful,
Part of the girl you cannot describe.

Is it possible to describe the memories,
The “have to be there” moments,
That tingling and weightlessness,
As you feel on top of the clouds.

Is it possible to describe a feeling?
It can’t be possible to describe a feeling,
Because the feelings I feel,
Are more than words can ever describe.

This post was submitted by Jamie Carpenter.

Thinkin About You

DownUp +7

I lay in bed at nite thinking about you;
just wondering what you do;
and how much would be different still being with you;
but you’re with her what can i say;
I love you forever still to this day;
your best friend; your closest friend;
yet loving and caring more and more;
I’ll always be here for you and never forget;
so just remember you are my best friend.

This post was submitted by Logan.

If I Saw Her Everyday

DownUp -2

She isn’t my girlfriend
Not even a friend to me
She is just so special
Loving me for me
Beautiful, kind and lovely
Are words you’ll hear them say
Those would be my words
If i saw her everyday.

This post was submitted by Hanna.

The Way You Make Me Feel

DownUp +1

Taking time to come back home,
makes me feel that i am always alone
Feeling sad without me there,
makes me feel like you dont care
The way you make me feel,
is why I can say “Its real”

This post was submitted by Jess Unger.

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